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How To Respond Buyer Inquiries

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Business inquiries can give potential buyers, so respond them in the best way.

Are you receiving lots of business inquires but unable to convert them? May be you are not responding to genuine inquiries on time and wasting efforts on less important inquiries. You should judge the inquiries and decide whom to reply first. Classification of inquiries can help you in judging the inquiries. Inquiries can be classified as :

1. Detailed and specific inquiries : The buyer provides all the details about his requirements along with the product specification (color, size, shape, quantity, features, delivery time etc). Some buyer also give details about his company and his background. For example:

Dear Sir,

We are looking for a supplier who deals in HP laptops. Please contact if you can meet the following requirements:

Model: HP Pavilion G6 Laptops

Processor: Intel core i3-370m

Color: Metallic black

Quantity: 50 pieces

Delivery time: 2 weeks


Company’s name

The inquiry is very specific and suggests that the buyer is authentic and actually planning to do some purchasing. This kind of inquiries should be given the highest priority.


2. Brief but specific inquiries: The buyer is specific about the product but provide brief detail of his requirement. For example:

Dear Madam/ Sir,

I want to buy wooden chairs and got to know from that you deal in them. Kindly send me your catelogue with the price list.


Company’s name


Here the product is specific (wooden chair) but the details( color, quantity, delivery time etc. ) are not provided. These inquiries are of second importance.

3. Regular or general inquiries: The general inquiries provide limited information. No specific requirements or product details are provide. For example:

Dear Sir,

I had seen some of your products on and interested in buying them. Kindly send me your catalogue if possible, so that we can have long-term business relations. Also inform me about the delivery time and payment methods accepted by you.


Contact Person’s name

Here the details are very general. You should give least priority to these inquiries.

No matter to which category an inquiry falls, it should be responded on the same day. Even if you don’t have the time to answer the inquiry at least drop an e-mail to the buyer saying that you have received the inquiry and will respond it soon. This will have an impression on the buyer that you are interested to work with him and he will wait for your response.

Once you have categorized the inquiries, the next task is to respond them The best way of doing this is to follow the following procedure:

  1. Collect info about the buyer’s company and understand his needs: Most of the buyers mention their company name in the inquiries. It is better to collect information about his location and business before sending him the prices.
  2. Preparing the quotation:
    • Price: quote price according to buyer’s location and include the trade tariff if applicable.
    • Time of delivery: Make the right estimation of the delivery time in order to ensure delivery on time.
    • Logistic: make a correct decision in selecting the shipment company. Chose a reliable one.
    • Sample : always prepare samples fro each category.
  3. Email ethics: The subject of the e-mail should be simple. For example: Quotation for HP laptops. The content of the email should be specific and easy to understand.
  4. Reminders: After the quotation is send, if the buyer do not reply back, always drop a reminder email.

This procedure will ensure that you have responded to each of your business inquiries in the best way. The perfect responses will get potential buyers for your business.




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