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Business Cards: The Impression Maker

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Your business card is your first impression maker.

Are you having a business card only for the sake of having it? If yes than you need to reset your thinking. Your business card is the first impression that you have on your clients or anybody you meet. Most of the people and business men have the habit of judging a person or his company through his visiting card only. Sometimes your business card speaks more than you do. Business card plays a crucial role in establishing the corporate identity of your company so, it should be up to the mark. Even if you are satisfied with your business card, it needs up-gradation for time to time.


Some of the benefits of upgrading your business cards are:

Up to date information: The timely up-gradation of the business card will ensure that all the contact details present on the card are up-to date and relevant. If you are having a business card with a mobile number that is no longer working, there is no point of having that card. It also gives a bad impression. Even if your designation is not updated it can be a big issue.

Trendy and latest designs: If you are using a business card which is a decade old, then its design will communicate that for sure. An out dated design will look monotonous and will not help in attracting new clients. Business card is a medium of communication so it should persuasive. The design of a business card matters to a great extent. If you can design a trendy business card by yourself it is good, otherwise simply hire a professional graphic designer who can do that for you. The designer should be efficient and should design a card that best describes your company and suits your business.

Quality improvement: Time-to-time up-gradation of the business card ensures that the quality of your card will get improved. For example: If earlier you were not having enough money or time to pay attention on the quality of the business card, you can upgrade it later and can improve its quality. The thickness of the card and the printing quality usually decides the quality of a card. Select the right paper and printer for developing your business card.

Tip for making a good business card:

The dimension should be perfect: Though there is no hard and fast rule regarding the dimensions of the business card but it should be appealing and should not be too big or too small. The standard dimension of a business card is approx 84mm*55 mm.


The dimension of your card should perfect and appropriate.

Text should be easily readable: The design and the color scheme of the business card should be selected by keeping in mind that the text is easily readable. The font of the text should also be selected carefully. Simple fonts should be preferred over the designer one’s.

Simplicity is the best policy: Designing, color schemes and text, all are very important for the overall look of a business card. But please ensure that none of these things are over done. The designing, though needs to be attractive but it should do not make the card more complex. So keep the card simple and decent.

Sufficient information should be there : The card should have all the contact info and required details. The name of the person, his designation, logo of his company, the telephone number, email address and other contact details along with the company’s address  should be there on the card. Mention the URL of your company’s website if it have one.

Business cards are not just a formality and an important element that matter and even effects your business.

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