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Indian handicrafts – A Real Treasure

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Indian handicrafts are often very eye pleasing and creative

Indian handicrafts are World famous for their unique and eye pleasing designs and creations. The Indian Government defined handicrafts as ‘which is made by hand; should have some artistic value; they may or may not have functional utility.’ India is a country with rich cultural and traditional diversification which results in huge variety in Indian handicrafts. Some of the famous Indian handicrafts include : Metalware, hand painted textiles, shawls, woodware, bamboo products, zari goods, jewelry, earthenware, jute products, leather products, Marble sculpture, paintings, carpets, embroidered and crocheted goods, etc.

India is a country with variety of geographical locations and environmental conditions. The variation in the living conditions and availability of different types of materials in different parts of the country adds more variety in Indian handicrafts. Each state or portion of the country produces different forms of handicrafts in India. For example,:

  • Uttar Pradesh and Himanchal Pradesh are famous for metal ware
  • Gujarat is famous for hand painted textiles and zari products
  • Rajasthan offers traditional jewelry, puppets, leather products and antique furniture.
  • Jute products including carpets, bags, floor mates, table mats & floor coverings, wall covers, window dressings, swings, hammocks, etc. are also very famous around the world and Madhya Pradesh is known for producing maximum of jute handicrafts in India.
  • Karnataka provides fine silk and sandal and rose wood figures.
  • Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir are famous for carpets weaving,wood carvings, and shawls.

Economical aspects and benefits of Indian handicrafts :

  • Employment provider :Indian handicrafts are of great importance to the Indian economy. The Handicraft sector provides employment to a large number of people and rank second largest employment sector after agriculture in India.
  • Increases Indian export: The International demand and export of Indian handicrafts help in increasing the export value of the country and to earn more foreign exchange . According to Export Promotion Council of Handicrafts, India exported handicrafts of the value of 17970.12 crores in 2012-2013 and the major destinations of Indian handicrafts exports are USA(26.29%), UK(9.57%), Germany(7.82%), France(4.25%) and Italy (3.34%). China is also becoming a large buyer of Indian handicraft and imported Indian handicrafts of 945.72 crores in the year 2009-10.

Cultural aspects of :

Indian handicrafts promotes Indian traditions and skills. The unique talent and art possess by Indian artisans gets popularity and recognition all around the World.

Things to keep in mind while exporting handicrafts from India

1) Know the trade policies: Gather information about the trade policies involve in the trading of handicrafts. Study about all the custom duties and trade restrictions applied to the export of goods in which you are planning to deal. For example: In India, Handmade Woolen carpets including woolen durries, Namdhas, Druggets Gabbas etc., come under free trade policy but the export of the mentioned products should be done against the D/A (Documents against Acceptance) only if:

a)They are guaranteed by a Bank

b)If you are trading with another branch of your business only.

2) Get the required licenses: Complete all the legal formalities and register yourself as an authentic supplier before starting the handicraft export business. Get all the required licenses for the concern authorities. Make sure that your trading business do not lead to any legal actions against you.

3)Ensure the quality: Quality of the products is the most important factor for a buyer. Most of the buyers select the suppliers on the basis of the product quality only. Buyers agree to pay even a higher price if he is satisfied with the product quality. Use of premium raw materials and efficient and creative manufacturing ensures good quality of handicrafts.


Indian handicrafts reflect a touch of Indian culture.

4) Get approval: If you have used any low quality raw material or manufacturing technique due to the unavailability of the required sources, then try to get some government approvals or certificate that ensure that though the product is quite different from what was actually required but the quality of the product is maintained. For example, A buyer wants to buy 50 antique design wooden chairs of rosewood but due to unavailability of the rosewood, you have used some other wood for the production and get the approval from the authorities that the quality of the chairs is up to the mark. This will develop a sense of reliability in the mind of the buyer.

5) Proper packaging: As most of the Indian handicrafts require careful handing , proper packaging is very important for exporting handicrafts. Select those packaging methods and material which ensure proper handling and safe delivery of the products.

6) Good logistics: Good logistics are very crucial to the export business. A good transporter or service provider ensures proper and timely delivery of your products. As a supplier you should be very particular while selecting a service provider for your trading requirements. Careless handling can ruin the quality of the products and gives a negative impression to the buyers.

Justified delivery time: Most of the buyers demand quick deliveries of the products. On time delivery ensures that you are dedicated towards your clients. While sending the quotation, make sure that the delivery time mentioned by you is quite justified in relation to the production and transportation time required.

Favorable payment terms : While exporting handicrafts always mention the payment terms in the quotation only. Mention the details about the advance payment and after delivery payments. It is better to take at least 50% of the total amount in advance.

Maintaining good buyers relation: Maintaining good relations with your buyers ensures that you will be getting more business from those buyers. After making the delivering the products always ask for the feedback and suggestions. This will give an impression on the buyers that you believe in providing customer satisfaction.

Indian handicrafts add real value to Indian economy and even communicate a sense of Indian cultures. You can buy Indian handicrafts  and enjoy the visual zeal offered by them

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