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How To Ensure Safe and Secure Payments Online

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safepayment2The convenience of paying bills and buying things online by sitting in the comfort of your home or office seems to be a grace of technical and internet developments. The number of people making online payments is increasing sharply with the advancement and easygoing accessibility of technical devices. But along with this the number of online crimes are also increasing. In 2012, the cyber or online frauds claimed INR 52.7cr in India.

Thousands of hackers every day try to get the access of your bank account details and a little carelessness from your side, during your online payment sessions can grant them with those details. As an individual, you can take a number of precautions or steps to prevent yourself from these online attempts of getting access to your personal details. Some of those steps are:

  1. Check whether a site is safe and secure or not: Before using an online portal or site for making online payments, check that the particular site is safe and secure. You can do that by having a look at the address bar. If the web address of any login page starts with ‘https://‘ then the site is safe and secure but if it starts with ‘http:// then the site is not secure. ‘S’ stands for secure.
  2. Use secure networks: Do not use public or insecure Wi-Fi networks for making online transactions. As most of the public Wi-Fi networks are easy to crack, they are not safe. Be sure that you using an authentic and save internet network.
  3. Make online password impossible to crack: Most of the banks offer the facility of creating 3D secure passwords for avoiding the need of entering the complete card details again and again. While making any such password, keep in mind that the password should be hard to guess. Make use of lower case and upper case,special characters and numeric digits for creating password. The password should be very strong and hard to crack.
  4. Read the terms and conditions: In the entire process of making an online payment, there is a step where you have to tick mark a box to agree to the terms and conditions of the site. Do not tick mark the box without reading the terms and conditions. Read them properly to make sure that the terms and conditions are fine with you.
  5. Ensure no storage of your personal details at any site: If you visit back a site from where you had made a purchase earlier and during your second purchase payment, you don’t need to enter your card or personal details again then it is very risky. In that case, you should contact the site and ask them to delete your details. It is safer to enter the details during each transaction than to store them at any portal.

Ensue safe and secure online payments and protect yourself from cyber frauds

Apart from the above mentioned precautions, there are many small and simple things that you can do to ensure safe and secure online payments and to prevent cyber frauds. Some of these are:

  1. Install a trusted and strong anti-virus: Tablet, mobile, laptop or desktop, whichever device you using for making online payments, should have a strong and trusted anti-virus. Make sure that the anti-virus is powerful and it is updated. An older anti-virus may fail to protect your system or device from cyber frauds.
  2. Update your browser: Use an updated internet browser for doing online payments. Try to update your browser regularly.
  3. Check the amount of withdrawal: After making any online payment, always check the amount of withdrawal from your debit or credit card. Make sure that right amount is being charged. It is best to subscribe the bank SMS alerts. These alerts with keep you informed about each and every transaction or activity done in your account.
  4. Keep electronic slip of each transaction: An electronic slip, having all the details of the transaction, is generated after every online transaction. Try to keep these electronic slips with you. With the help of these slips you can make the claim that you have actually made an online payment in case if you don’t get the product or service for which you have paid online.

The benefits of online payment option and modes should be utilized by the people but by keeping them on a safer side. You can ensure safe and secure online payments by simply following the mentioned tips and steps.

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