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Communicating via Colors: Hues as a backbone for Efficacious Branding

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Like the festival of Holi doesn’t make any sense without colors, so do our business. And since the carnival of colors has come, it will be a great moment to have a conversation of -Colors meaning in our business success. Keep reading…

Picture the rainbow logo of Google with closed eyes. Done? Now imagine that would have been grayish or peach, jet black or any other combo. Would the search engine appear that enthralling like it is now? The probability of answer would be No. That’s how colors just not fill our life with happiness, but our business venture with profit too.

Let’s have a tete-a-tete over why colors are the important part of branding-

Colors- Identification to the brand
Your logo will probably be the first thing your consumers will think of, when it comes to identify your brand.

Colors- Convey defined emotional state
Colors specify the mood of brand appearance and create thoughts of the meaning of your brand exhibiting the context of the world it lives in.

Colors – Have the power to bring a difference
Like Apple transformed the way we think of computers through its creative use of color, picking the right one for your brand can add the luck factor to your business. For strong brands, color is not a subjective choice but it’s a strategic business imperative.

brands-and-colorsThink the red can of Coca-Cola or the blue of Samsung or the pinkish Barbie, color plays a primal role for any brand. Whether your logo is red and excited, yellow and joyous or green signifying growth, its colors, announcing something to the consumer. While you create the logo for your brand, make sure you have paid attention to the messages you will be sending through the colors.

Excitement, Vibrant, Youthful

Growth, Wealth, Health, Prestige, Serenity

Trustworthy, Dependable, Responsible, Secure

Motivation, Creativity, Positivity, Warmth

Fun, Playful, Vitality, Exuberant

Feminine, Compassion and Nurturing.

Royalty, Sophistication, Mystery, Spirituality

Neutral, Conservative, Reliableness

Value, Luxury And Prestige.


Simplistic, Natural, Durable

Expert Piece of Advice

  • Choose your colors wisely and appropriately
  • While selecting the color of logo, consider the factor of your target audience & industry so as to distinguish your brand from the competitors in the category.
  • Don’t just copy other successful businesses, consider all the factors to give your business unique and individual identity.

Colors, if chosen the right way determine your brand value, strengthen it up and and differentiate your brand among its alternatives. Let’s don’t underestimate the power of colors and use in a smart way to turn many eyeballs.

Wishing you a very Happy Holi filled with Success, Growth & Profit!


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