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Tradeindia Commemorating Womanhood on Social Platforms

By on March 7, 2015 in Announcement with 0 Comments

Day in and day out the social platform, a large no. of active conversations take place about a variety of women related issues including those, showing the victory of a woman.
To honor International Women’s Day 2015, we wanted to outspread the inspiration & motivation among the women species. And this is why, we are waiting for powerful voices to speak up their brave deed on social networks.

‘ThePowerOfShe’ - The campaign we’re running is to call out people and ask them to  share the tale of their ‘ Lady Inspirer’ with us i.e.-


1. Who is the woman who inspired or inspires you?

2. What does she do?

3. How did she inspire you?

To Participate, click:

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