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How to Successfully Sell Your Products Online

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Are you considering selling your products online in order to potentially grow your business or are you already selling your products online, yet not receiving the results you hoped for? Well, then read on to see a few simple, yet effective strategic changes you can make in order to increase sales and successfully grow your online business.





In case you wish to sell your products through an existing e-commerce platform, it is important to do your research in order to find the right option. Do your research and learn which platforms have the best software and customer service, what are the charges for using such platforms, do the platforms charge per transaction, do they allow customization of stores, etc. It is important to make a decision after weighing the pros and cons of different platforms in order to choose one which is easy to work with and user friendly for your needs.





It is vital to ensure that the products presented are visually appealing, but not to forget that the representations should be accurate, and not misleading. In order to ensure great imagery, you can hire a professional photographer to take the product photos, or buy a camera with a high quality lens such as a DSLR and do it yourself. Ensure good lighting, and blank backgrounds in order to ensure that the visual focus is solely on the product.





Setting up an online store is easy, but creating a store experience is a different task altogether. It is important to focus on easy site navigation in order to ensure that the experience is hassle free and pleasing for the potential customer.





Studies show that the average online user has a very short attention span, so you have approximately 10 seconds to grab the user’s attention! Do not put obstacles in the way in order to prevent the person from getting bored or tired of navigating your page.

In order to do this, you can follow a few simple tips such as trying to set in place an easy navigation system with the navigation button in clear view, not forcing people to register before entering the site, making the buying process short and simple, not trying to collect a lot of information from buyers, etc.





It is important to promote your online presence through both, offline and online marketing tactics. This can be done in a number of creative ways, a few of which are given below just to get you started!


  • Create business profile pages on services such as Google My Business. Also, provide information regarding your office location, phone number, URL and working hours.
  • Use e-mail campaigns to attract new customers and ensure communication with old customers by allowing avenues for them to read more about your current activities.
  • Do your research on online marketing forms such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The two big advertising networks are Google Adwords and Yahoo!/Bing Ads. Remember to study current marketing strategies through these platforms before going in and dropping your cash.
  • Invest in building your online presence. This can be done by buying banner ads which lead to your website or link, or collaborate with other sites to link your page to theirs by entering mutually benefiting agreements. For example, you could offer a certain percentage of the sales revenue generated from customers who visit your page through the link posted above.
  • Analyze your data. For example, analyze which sources of hits turn into most sales and focus on them!


Finally, remember to be patient! Even the most successful businesses initially see slow growth. So don’t get discouraged if you only get a few orders in the first month or so. As long as you concentrate on building a good online presence, offer great customer service and ensure high standards of quality for your products, you will, eventually, see high levels of success.






Editor’s Note: All comments and suggestions are welcome below. We would love to hear your feedback, opinions and experience! :)






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