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A. B. Enterprises – Story Of An Entrepreneur Driven By A Childhood Passion

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There are probably a handful of people who identify their passion at an early age and even when they are just college-going students, they have a clear vision of what they would do once they come of age.

One such man is Manoharlal Bang who at an early age had the desire to make the chemical industry his bread-earner. And in this pursuit, his every single day, even as a commerce student brought him closer to realizing his dream to be an entrepreneur in this sector. But like every entrepreneur, he was forged with fire. He worked in a chemical company at an age of 22, toiled and learned the nuances of the industry until he was ready to lead his own team.

Thus in the year 1984, A. B. Enterprises was born. However the early days were not easy. Like many entrepreneurs, despite being experienced, Manoharlal Bang had to wait patiently, let the storm pass before he tasted the sweet flavor of success. But once he got the first taste of success, there was no stopping and the rest was history. Today after three decades in the business, his line of chemical products has not only increased manifold, his customer-base too is envied upon by all his fellow competitors.

It is truth inarguable that a good entrepreneur evolves over time. In any business, evolution is necessary for one to succeed. No doubt there will be times when an entrepreneur gets lucky and experience initial growth and development. However, ultimately only keen introspection and progressive mastery of the knowledge in one’s field of choice will see to it that the business thrives even in a fast-changing environment. And Manoharlal Bang evolved seamlessly embracing the GST regime and doing business online. Today he attributes his success to knowing the market well and his ability to accept changes positively.

“Years of battle scars have sharpened my business acumen and have accumulated years of experience. Today taking any business decision is like doing any task in your day to day life. That’s because my knowledge of the sector has given me the confidence that one needs to take a business decision. Today I’m more confident of taking any decision than what I was when I had started my business.”

His message to young entrepreneurs is to gather experience to help bolster their confidence. Manoharlal believes that when you are confident of what you are doing, it is easy to take well-informed business decisions. He asks aspiring entrepreneurs to learn to make efficient, data-driven decisions. “And don’t panic when things start to go wrong. There is always a logical fix to everything. Just believe in what you are doing and stick to it.”

No wonder some lessons are best learned from knowing the experiences of a seasoned professional. And Manoharlal’s experiences are indeed worthy of appreciation. Well now it’s time to make the most of yours!

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