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Email vs Phone Sales

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Email or a buzz, which is best to sell?

Which medium of communication, do you thing can get more clients or business for your company? Email or phone call. A perfect and effective sales approach is essential for converting any lead or inquiry into business order or sales. Selecting the most appropriate mode of communication is very necessary for contacting your prospective buyers in the best manner possible. Emails and phone calls are the two majorly used mode of communication for sales approaches. Though, both of these communication mediums are successful to a great extent, both have their own cons and pros.

Emails: Emails being one of the largest used medium for business communication, are preferred by many sales persons for approaching new clients and businesses. Emails have many advantages in sales approaches. Some of these advantages:

  1. Fast and all time working: Before making a phone call, a sales person needs to keep in mind the time at which the call is to be made  in order to ensure that the prospective client does not gets disturbed or troubled. Where as you can send an email round the clock, 24 by 7 without being concerned about the timing.
  2. Easy to communicate details: Emails are perfect for sharing elaborated details because a detailed phone call can be monotonous for the receiver. For example, if you are sharing details about your company’s profile, client list, work experience and other details, then emails are the best communication medium because it allows the receiver to go through all the details easily.
  3. Very cost effective : Emails are less costly as compared to phone calls. Thus, emails are cost effective communication option.
  4. Keeps a record of communication: Emails can be preferred over phone calls because they allow you to keep a record of each and every communication done by you with the client which is not possible in case of telephonic communication.
  5. Offers a chance to proof read: In emails, you can go through the message composed by you before sending it and can change the content if required. But in telephonic communication, once you speak a word, you cant change it ever again.
  6. Can communicate the same message to many people at the same time: You can communicate a single message to many people at the same time without spending any extra time.

Disadvantages of emails:

  1. Can be misinterpreted: One of the drawbacks of email sales approaches is that the message can be misinterpreted by the receiver.
  2. Slow response: Emails offer slow or late response in comparison to phone calls.

Each of these communication mediums have their own pros and cons

Phone calls: Telesales or telephonic sales approaches are very common and used by many companies and Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs). Some of the major advantages of phone calls in sales approach are:

  1. Immediate and personal approach: Phone calls offer immediate responses and help in making personal approaches which makes the prospective customers more comfortable with a sales person.
  2. Effectiveness: Phone calls are effective sales approaches because they make it easy for the sales person to persuade or convince its potential client for the purchase of a particular product or service.
  3. Higher and better interactivity: Phones calls or telephonic sales approaches offer higher interactively between the would be client and the sales person. As the prospective buyer can easily get the answer for any of his query straight away from the sales person.This process gets more time taking when done through emails.
  4. Confidence: Phone calls help in boosting the buyer’s confidence over the offered product or service in an effective manner.
  5. Better understanding: telephonic sales approach, help in establishing a direct communication between the client and the sales person. It helps in creating better understanding between the two communicators regarding their needs and requirements.

Disadvantages of phone call sales approaches :

  1. Off the record communication: There is no record of the communications done over phone calls, which is possible over emails.
  2. Hard to digest rejections: Rejections are the parts of business sales approaches. It is quite hard to accept rejections on a phone call. A rejection through email often feels more polite than a telephonic one.

Here we have explained the merits and demerits of these two mediums.  Now its your choice, which medium you wanna opt for. Drop comment to tell us reasons for your preference.

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