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FIFA World Cup: Like Never Before

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FIFA(1)FIFA fever is on, the World Cup is here again. One of the widely viewed sports tournament of the World has made its ultimate opening 12 June, 2014. The excitement of soccer fans is at its maximum and the World is getting covered under the color of FIFA 14. The tournament is being hosted by Brazil, the five time winners of FIFA World Champion titles. Millions of people all around the world are all set to enjoy this perfect treat of Soccer game and World cup suspense. Like the earlier tournaments, FIFA world cup 14 will have the same spirit of game, entertainment and enjoyment but the differences that make FIFA 2014, a tournament like never before, will enhance the playing ,watching and celebration experiences of Soccer World Cup.

What’s new in World Cup 2014:

The technological developments have changed the current sports scenario. World Cup 2014 have several up-gradation and techniques which were not there at the time 2010 World Cup. The new technologies and changes can be studied from two prospective: On-field changes and off-field changes.

On the field changes:

The on-field changes are being done to improve the game flow and the game result. More game accuracy is the main aim of these technologies. Goal- line technology is one of those developments. This technology is associated with the Hawk-eye system in which several high speed video cameras are employed to follow the position of the ball. When the ball will reach the goalmouth, the software will send an alert to the referee via a radio transmission on referee’s watch. Penalty decision clarification, replays on bigger screens , etc. are some of the changes.

Off the field changes: The off-field changes include those changes that have occurred in the people’s way of getting engaged with the World Cup. Online usage and Television broadcasts are the two major ways in which the sports fans get engaged with the tournament. Online involvement of the audience have changed vastly over the period of 4 years.

  • Mobile Google surfing: Soccer game and matches related searches tend to increase doing the World cups. It is expected that a major chance that will be observed between World Cup 2010 and 2014 will be related to mobile surfing. In 2010 , 18% of the people have used their mobile devices for searching about games, teams and players during the World cup final. But in 2014, 63% people have used their mobile devices for doing game related search during a famous UEFA Champions League match. So similar behavior will take place during FIFA 2014.
  • Youtude video watched: Soccer related content is widely viewed on Youtube. This viewership is growing sharply. According to an one month study conducted in this year, it is observed that 1.6 billion people have watched soccer content over Youtube and 67.7 million hours of soccer content was watched on Youtube. These hours are around 900 times more than the those hours during 2012 World Cup.
  • Social Media: The increasing involvement of people with the second screen and increasing trend of social media, will also result in changes between 2010 and 2014 World Cup. The engagement of people with the World Cup through social medias will be higher in 2014 as compare that in 2010.

The above mention changes will enhance the soccer watching ways and experiences of sports lovers. These changes are highly affiliated with the development of Information and Communication Technologies(ICTs) and will increase the level of fairness and enjoyment in the World Cup 2014.

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