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How great photographs can convert interested customers into buyers

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In our last article, we had told you about the art of taking great product photographs, photographs that immediately catches the attention of people on e-commerce sites. We had told you about simple tricks that transformed what would have been an average product photograph into a great photo. Extending on our last article, we will now provide you with tips on how to take product photographs that will make an interested customer buy the product.

Tip #1

Always use large images

To put it simply, the difference between large and small product images might well be the difference between just an interested customer and an interested customer becoming a buyer. There’s an adage that says that for e-commerce websites, two things are an absolute. One is the photograph size and the other one is the picture resolution. Both of which should respectively be large and clear enough for prospective customers to see every detail clearly even after zooming in.

small-image   large-image


You can see the difference picture size can make, with the one on the left very likely to turn even interested customers look somewhere else to fulfill their requirement.


Tip #2

All images of a particular product should be consistent

One of the most common mistakes in the e-commerce domain is that multiple photographs of the same product are inconsistent, i.e- some images are aligned to the left, some to the right. Moreover, sometimes the same product has different colors in different photos. All of the aforementioned can be a confusing experience for an interested customer. So always make sure multiple photographs of a single product are consistent in nature with respect to alignment, color and other aspects also.

occasion dresses











As is clear from the above picture, the photograph on the extreme left side is improperly cropped and is inconsistent with other photos, thus making the bridesmaid  dress unattractive to prospective buyers


Tip #3

For apparel products, preferably use a mannequin or a live model to showcase the apparels on

Let’s face it, the apparels look the best when showcased on a mannequin or a live model. Doing it gives a prospective buyer more opportunity to see how the apparel looks on a person. Moreover this also gives the buyer ample scope to predict or judge how will the apparel look on him/her.




Source: and


Tip #4

Always ensure that images are tailored to target your prospective customers

One of basic tenets of product photography is to put images in such a context that they are sufficiently targeted towards your prospective customers. Imagine selling a swimsuit and showing a man wearing that, imaginable? Obviously no. One other important thing to note here is that before putting up pictures, do some research on what do men and women look at first when they see a picture. There have been countless studies done to ascertain the aforesaid fact, with relatively good levels of accuracy. Knowing it will help a lot in putting up images that will correctly target your potential customers.


Tip # 5

Always include one image of the product in use

Online visitors do check all aspects of a product before deciding if they want to buy it or not. One of the most important factors for them is to see how the product works. So including a picture that shows how the product looks in action is an essential requirement.
















Tip #6

Make sure that all essential product information is placed nearby the image

When visitors see an image and are impressed by it, the next thing they want is to know about the details such as specifications, features, prices, any special offers etc. By putting these details nearby the product image, it can be ensured that a customer gets the requisite information without even battling an eyelid. This is a general practice that appreciably is followed by almost all product manufacturers.

















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