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How to generate more business leads

By on September 12, 2014 in Business Tips, SMEs Insights with 0 Comments

mf1Generating business lead is a tough task for Small businesses and new start ups because of their limited marketing budgets and lack of brand identity in the market. Customers are the base of every business, so you have to bring and attract more and more customers to grow your business. There are some of the simple ways which can help you in generating maximum business leads. Some of them are:

Get online: Online presence is of prime importance and can serve you with many business leads. Get your business listed with several B2B portals and other online listings, create your social media pages and do regular updates on those pages, develop a website for your company and do other similar things. This will allow you to reach potential online buyers and will help in getting more online business leads.

Get allied with other similar businesses: Developing partnership or alliance with other similar businesses,even competitors can help you in generating more business leads. For example, if there are two dealers of HP laptops who have coordination between them. Now if any one of them lack certain models while a customer is asking for it, he can direct the customer towards the second dealer and the second dealer will do the same thing. This will help in getting more customers and profit for both the dealers.


Old customers, new leads: According to a study, 40% of business leads for SMEs come through references. Serve your existing customers well for getting new ones. When you do your work properly, your customers get impressed and refer your company straightly to other people who are looking for the same services or products. A happy customer gets more business leads, so try to make your customers happy. Try to maintain a good after-sales relation. For example, call your old or existing customers to ask whether the product is working properly or do they have any problem with your service or not? It will help in creating a good impression of your company on your old customers.

Get the reviews, get the profit: Customers reviews are cheapest ways of getting more business leads. Offer your customers’ review on your business website. It helps in boosting buyers confidence over your company and products. According to studies, 90% of online buyers make their purchasing decision on the basis of the customers’ review present on various sites. If you are afraid of negative reviews then don’t be because these reviews will provide excellent feedback for your products or services and will help you in making the required changes. Positive reviews will attract various online business leads.

Present your company as an expert: Create your image as an expert of the industry. For example, if your company makes apparels then you can organize a seminar on fashion and lifestyle. This will create the image of your company as the expert of the industry. Here, in this seminar, you are not selling or talking about your product but it will help in creating an impression that you have good knowledge about your industry. This will help in getting many more business inquires.

Get ready: Getting more business inquiries is not enough to grow your business, you have to get ready for serving to all the inquiries. According to a study 35-50% of sales go for the vendor who give earliest response to the buyer’s inquiry.  So, try to respond every inquiry on time.

Business leads are extremely important and above are the easier ways of getting them.  Do you know other ways of lead generation? Do drop a comment to share them with us.

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