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Importance of Location in Marketing

By on December 24, 2014 in Business Tips with 0 Comments

U part wigs UKIn order to get best ROI on your marketing budget, it is very crucial to select a correct marketing location. You have to select your target audience and the area where your product or service will be available. A perfect marketing strategy is the one where the marketing message reaches the target audience, persuade them to make a purchase and when the buyer makes an attempt to buy, he gets your product or service easily in his nearby markets. Some of the benefits of selecting a perfect marketing location are:

1: Selection of perfect marketing mediums: Once you have decided your target location, it gets easier for you to select the best marketing medium. For example, if your target location is an area where maximum people have access to radio, then selecting social media as a medium for spreading your marketing message will be a waste of your marketing budget.

2: Proper selection of ad word location: Even an excellent ad can be useless if it is being displayed at a wrong location. Google adword allows you to select the geographical locations where your ad will be displayed. You can select those countries, cities and locations where you are willing to deliver your product or service.


3: Help in designing effective marketing message: An effective marketing message is the main key of a successful marketing campaign. Your marketing message should be designed according to the economical, cultural and social level of your target locations. It will help you in selling your product or service effectively. For example, the maximum population of target area speaks English, and you designed a marketing message in Hindi, then this message will not at all be effective.

4: Help in selecting best distribution channel: A perfect distribution channel is a must for selling any product. Even if customer recognizes your brand or product, they will not make a purchase until & unless the product is easily available in stores in a particular location. So, you have to take proper care of your distribution channel to serve your target location. The distribution channel is the chain which links the producer and the ultimate consumers. Agents,Wholesalers, retailers, etc are some of the parts of a distribution channel.

So, location plays a crucial role in every marketing strategy. ‘Place’ is one of the four major P’s of marketing, so it should be taken care of.

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