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Importance of Look and Feel of a Website in Online Sales

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The look and feel is the way of winning over the buyer’s confidence in online sales.

Selling products online is a difficult job. It is more complicated than face-to-face selling because the seller can win over buyer’s confidence in face-to-face selling easily but in the case of online selling photos, text and graphics are the only mediums for influencing a buyer. Selecting the correct design and theme for your website is a tough job and it should be done by keeping several prospective in mind. The look and feel of a website is the overall visual impression created by a site. According to a study, 94% of the people make their opinion and online actions on the basis of design and the look and feel of a website. The design includes layout, font size, choice of colors, etc. Where as only 6% of the online viewers make their decision according to the actual content of the website. So, the look and feel of a website majorly decides the action of the online viewers.

The look and feel of a website should be decided by keeping the following points under observation:

  1. Make is easy to figure out what the website is all about in a faction of seconds: The look and feel of the website should be able to communicate what the site is all about in less 1 second. If the viewer will not understand what your website is offering,then he will leave your site in no time. For example, If your site offers hardware products than the home page should clearly state that it is hardware related site. People will not put their efforts and time in understanding your site.
  2. Simplicity is the best policy: Websites with simple designs are easy to use and understand and are more preferred by the users. Don’t increase the complexity of a web-page in order to be creative. A complex layout may confuse the visitor. Though you can go a little creative or trendy but make sure that it is not overdone and easy for user to navigate the site.
  3. White space is very important: The overall look of the page should include proper and required amount of white space. Lack of white space can make your website look very clumsy and untidy. Accurate usage of white space increases the visibility of the page and make it easy to read and access.
  4. Emphasize important links and menu bar: Try to emphasis the major links and menu bar in the layout. So, the visitor can navigate the site easily. Proper placing of menu bar will allow you to direct the visitors to those pages which you want them to visit.
  5. Theme and colors of a website should go with the nature of the site: The theme and color scheme of a website should be selected according to the type of the site. For example, A jewelry related website will make use of dark and royal colors to go best with the expensive jewelry and the color scheme will have limited numbers of color.
  6. Easy to load: Be very particular about the size and loading time of the website. As users have limited time for going through your site make it fast and quick. If you will fail to do that , the visitors may navigate to other substitute websites offering the same kind of products and services as you do.
  7. Should run on multiple devices: As many people use mobile phones and tablets as their main browsing devices, it is necessary that your website runs properly on all the devices or it is device friendly. A mobile friendly site increases chance of getting more visitors and more sales. The designing of the site must be done in a manner that its quality remains the same, no matter which device is being used for browsing that site.

Website is the online face of a business. Make it perfect for better online sales.

Once your website is able to get sufficient number of visitors, the next task is to persuade them to make a purchase and to convert a visit into sales. Some of the designing factors that can help in increasing your online conversion rate are :

  1. Showcase your best product on the homepage: Showcase attractive images and features of your best product on the homepage. This will make the first impression of your website perfect and persuading. The visitor will get interested in your offerings.
  2. Highlight the discounts or deals offered by you: Highlight the best discount or deal offered by the website on the home page through banners, pop-ups or written content. These deals will help in garbing attention of the buyers and in increasing the buyer’s interest.
  3. Good quality product images: Displaying good quality product images will help in increasing the buyer’s interest. High quality images even enhance the visual appearance of the website. Product images generate a desire in the buyer’s mind for possessing that particular product.
  4. Make the buying process interesting: Try to design the website in such away that the buying process remain interesting. Fast loading of product images, enlarged images, category wise product list and other similar features ensures easy and interesting buying process.
  5. Perfect payment page: The payment page should look similar to the other pages of the site. The payment page should not ask for too many details. Some animated or interesting elements should be added to the payment pages to ensure that the buyer don’t get bore while the payment is under process.

The perfect look and feel of a website can increase the online sales. The above mention designing factors should be keep in mind to ensure excellent buying experience which will result in further boost of online sales.Websites are one of the major corporate identity elements of each organization. Effective and well- designed website can result in better marketing and sales result whereas inefficient website designing can spoil your brand image and leads to further loses.

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