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Making AI More Human

All You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence (Robots)

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Machines, earlier devoid of reason of faculties which humans posses are now working, solving major issues around the world, doing logical reasoning and ‘Thinking’, yes you read right, ‘Brooding’ have came into being with all thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence. Life for humans of earth is becoming easier day by day by advancements done in the field of Artificial Intelligence that is a branch of computer science used in development of computer programs and machines (Robots) which hold intelligence that was earlier singularly possessed by men and women. Artificial Intelligence is all about making robots more like humans, even with much more intelligence that a human mind holds to benefit world on whole.

AI Shaping Present & Tomorrow- ‘Making Lives Better’

Technology has profited modern society in a way that the glimpse of a better world not only peeps out of the curtain at present but provides a big clear picture of happy and improved world of the future. The breakthrough innovation of scientists in the field of AI have made machines (Robots) mimics the processes of real neurons, utilising neural networks. Following are few benefits which AI is bestowing on us:

“AI will drive the human race” quoted by Mr. Narendra Modi (Prime Minister) are words to rely on because now with everything going paperless, increase in economies is a major benefit.

The ability of artificial intelligent robots to think like human and work with greater speed than them, will provide boost to various business sectors, everything from food to military forces and administrative areas.

Learning-based AIs are more efficient and productive than humans. Returns of the intelligence usage are uncountable money figures for businesses.

Robots are already taking over few of hazardous jobs available, including bomb defusing. These technically drones hold capacity of saving millions of lives.

Robots Are More Like Same To A Child

Just like a child needs to be fed since childhood, the ways of the world, similarly Robots born not out human womb but intelligence of human brain are taught everything about the working of real neurons (Human brain). The task of their developer do not ends here but goes lifelong just like a doting mother that every step takes care of the child and instills in him/her all the qualities that he/she must posses to conquer victories. Hence, scientists fit sensors and install programs in the metal bodies (Robots) which not just stores data but provides them analytical ability. In the form of software programs, everything from emotional, quotient, visual perception, language-understanding and other features are installed in human look alike metal bodies.

Robots Reading Human Thoughts?, A Possibility

AI is on mission to make fantasy turn into reality with millions of scientists working real hard to develop Robots which beside imitating human actions can read their thought process. Researches are going on in full swing which is hinting towards the possibility of having in the near time artificially intelligent algorithms that can peep inside the mind of humans and read their thoughts with accuracy. Imagine, wouldn’t that lessen terrorists and other criminal acts?….

Scientists around the world are racing to be the first to develop artificially intelligent algorithms that can see inside our minds.

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