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Ms. Erica Wang, General Manager of Hebei Shuntian Biotechnology Co. Ltd. – Transforming a childhood passion into a profitable career

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Many children looked up to their parents for their strong work ethic, or never-give-up attitude or even the simplest of advice to just believe in oneself. Parents have been inspiring their children to become the successful people they are today with many entrepreneurs and successful women and men narrating tales of how their parents actually inspired them unknowingly. And on this account many successful women and men even at a very early age learned that anything is possible if they worked hard and push ahead. They also realized that to be successful one must have the self-belief that no goal out of reach and no problem was insurmountable.

Even for Ms. Erica Wang, General Manager of Hebei Shuntian Biotechnology Co. Ltd., it was the same. She has been empowered by “this belief throughout her entire life, something that fuels her now more than ever as a successful woman.”

Hebei Shuntian Biotechnology Co. Ltd

“My father worked for the animal husbandry bureau. I learned a lot from him. I liked animals and I was concerned about animal health also. So after graduation, I chose to work in the animal husbandry industry.”

Ms. Wang went on to tell us about how she came up with the idea of setting up Hebei Shuntian Biotechnology Co. Ltd: “At the beginning, I worked as a sales manager in a feed factory. I knew the Chinese feed additive was of good quality and the price was much lower than other countries. One day, I heard that a state-owned factory was going to be sold and I didn’t hesitate to buy it and start my international business.”

Almost every business go through rough patches and slow months initially and Hebei Shuntian Biotechnology Co. Ltd. was no different. “At first, we didn’t have many orders and we only had two international trade sales. But after we started using a B2B portal and started taking part in some international exhibitions, our orders began to increase.”

On asked had it crossed her mind that she could have done something else, Ms. Wang said, “Yes, we did encounter a lot of difficulties in the development of the company, but I had full confidence in the feed industry and myself. And because of that I have never questioned my original choice.”

Hebei Shuntian Biotechnology Co. Ltd Team Staff

About the feed additive industry she opined: “the profit of feed additive is not high, but because our product quality is good, the orders are stable and highly sustainable. We have a lot of repeat customers.” Moreover, the competition in this industry is fierce, but we can rise above competition with high quality products and high quality services,” Ms. Wang added.

Ms. Wang is greatly happy with the Chinese government’s policies towards SMEs. She goes on to say that, “these policies have helped us simplify the export process, reduce export costs, and provide financial support to our enterprise. We are very satisfied with these policies. Having said that, “We still face some challenges in this industry, such as instability of exchange rate, tariff increases, and restrictions on the production environment.”

“But we are trying to overcome these difficulties every day to develop our business,” she added at length.

Any business needs support to succeed, whether it’s financial, operational or emotional and one of the most important sources of that support is one’s family members. And Hebei Shuntian Biotechnology Co. Ltd. has seen the healthy involvement of its family that ensured the company’s success. “Yes, some of my family members are involved in the business and they play a very important role in the development of the business,” Ms. Wang acknowledged.

On doing business online Ms. Wang said, “We have many years of experience in doing business online. The Internet makes it easy for customers to find us. We can easily communicate with customers through the Internet especially via B2B platforms. For instance our association with TradeIndia has ensured that we can penetrate the Indian market. Today we are working with many Indian buyers – thanks to TradeIndia which is one of our leading B2B platforms we are associated with. Having said that, the Internet is only a tool. The nature of business has not changed. We still need to maintain customer integrity and provide customers with satisfactory products and quality services.”

Ms. Erica Wang, Marketing Manager of Hebei Shuntian Biotechnology Co. Ltd

Ms. Erica Wang, General Manager

“Be a dreamer; choose the industry you like and no matter what difficulties you encounter, move forward courageously. Only by hard work and persistence can you realize your dream,” Ms. Wang added.

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