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#SaveWaterSavePlanet ; Bottle of Opportunities Getting Wasted

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22nd March is being marked as the World Water Day. This day celebrates the presence of water and its uses. But as the problems related to water scarcity, water wastage and pollution are growing, this day also observes several initiatives for saving water and for encountering other water related issues. Right from our school days, we have been taught about the importance of water and many of us must have written several essays on this as well but still most of us continue to waste water.


Water is an indispensable partĀ of our environment. Water is required for agriculture, energy generation, food production and many other things. Sustainable development and water conservation is very crucial in order to ensure sufficient availability of water for the current and future generations. Lack of awareness and consciousness among the people results in the wastage of million tons of water all around the world everyday. This life giving natural resource should be preserved and prevented from pollutants as well.

Each one of us can help in saving water by bringing some minor changes in our day to day activities. Some of those changes are:

  • Turn-off your tap, while brushing your teeth. It will help in saving 6 liters of water per minute.
  • Fix all the leaking taps. A single leaking tap can waste up to 15 liters of water everyday.
  • Take shorter showers
  • Reuse the water. For example, the water which you use for washing fruits and vegetables can be reused for watering plants.
  • Buy water effective shower heads, taps, etc.
  • Do rainwater harvesting and use that water for other purposes like for washing cars.
  • Use micro-irrigation and other effective irrigation techniques.

Tradeindia understands the importance of water conservation and on this World Water Day, the company is taking an initiative for creating awareness among the people regarding the importance of water conservation. Tradeindia is spreading the message of ‘Save Water’ through various mediums including posters, stickers, social media sites, etc.

If you are also doing or planning to do anything like that on this World Water Day, do share with us.

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