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Smartphones- The smarter way of doing business

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In this era of digital developments and technical advancements, Smartphones can work as the perfect technical solution for all of your business needs. A variety of apps and software are being developed which can serve as your helping hand in your daily business operations. Some of the business apps that may be extremely useful for running your business efficiently are:

QuickBooks: Quickbooks is an excellent accounting software that can help you manage all your business financial activities easily. Quick book helps in sending invoices, accepting payments, scanning receipts, tracking sales and expenses, Paying your employees etc. Quickbooks works as your digital accountant. : This app pulls all your financial information at one place. Gives you a clear insight of all your financial asset and help you achieve your financial goals. You can get a clear visibility of your all transactions and balance at one place. It automatically updates and sort all your finical details.

Evernote: Document editing software are quite helpful in sharing variety of document in an effectively manner. Evernote is a software that allows you to take notes and store any kind of data. Evernote is sync with the cloud and allow you to share any kind of data with N number of people.

Dropbox: Dropbox helps you manage all your business documents in one place. You can access all your company’s documents, images, videos and can manage them easily. You can also share them with countless people. It can help in company’s internal communication as well. You can use it to share information and work with your employees.


Documents to go: Documents to go is an application that allows the phone owner to access his computer data through the phone. Once synchronized, you can access your PC’s data from anywhere. It acts as the link between your Smartphone and computer. If you edit the content or data on any of these devices, the changes will get updated in the other device automatically.

Skype: Skype allows you to do online voice and video calling. You can call one or more people at the same time. Skype helps in doing long distance online business meetings and conferences. You can also share photos through Skype. You can communicate with any of your clients or potential buyers through the Skype application.

Get satisfaction mobile: Getting customer’s feedback is very important for growing and developing your business in a better way. You can add this application on your website for taking customers’ reviews. The user doesn’t need to download anything for giving their reviews through this application.

Square application: Square allows you to accept credit card payment coming from anywhere, anytime. It comes with a square card reader, which can be easily attached with your Smartphone for receiving instant payments.

Smartphones can help you in accomplishing a variety of business tasks in a fast and convenient manner. Optimized use of your Smartphone can help you growing your business easily and efficiently.

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