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Technology sure to impel women entrepreneurs of India

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Technology & women entrepreneurship

It’s an age old saying that no society can progress without the active participation of women in all spheres of life. It’s even more true for developing countries such as India, where various initiatives have been undertaken for woman’s empowerment by social organizations as well as by various state governments. It’s a commonly accepted fact that entrepreneurship remains the best way forward in regards to the progress of a person or a society is concerned. This is also accepted by a large number of people of all age groups today. Take the case of India, one can find innumerable women from all walks of life starting on their own, with a large number of them also making it big in their respective sectors. According to 2016 figures, 14 percent of Indian businesses are run by women entrepreneurs, with the figure turning out to be over 8 million. The highest number of women entrepreneurs are from the state of Tamil Nadu.

Apart from the need for existing women entrepreneurs to excel further and reach the global stage, there’s also the requirement of more and more women starting up on their own. Women in large parts of India today are as equal as men, whether it be in schools, colleges, professional education, whether it be access to capital or whether it be the ability to move to start up friendly cities. Although as mentioned above, the government has undertaken major initiatives for this purpose, one common belief amongst everyone is that technology is probably the best suited for further impelling women entrepreneurs in India.

Technology can connect them to major markets

The major limitation that all women entrepreneurs face today is lack of access to their prospective markets. This is true for every entrepreneur and in every sector. Every entrepreneur faces issues such as the products and services being offered by him/her having a nice market but it’s far away from where the entrepreneur is based. This is where technology helps, as it gives women entrepreneurs access to markets where their products or services might have a prospective user base.

Technology can help women entrepreneurs learn new skill

Through the help of technology, women entrepreneurs can also learn a particular skill set and apply them to their firm. A lot of the times all entrepreneurs face a common problem, although they have an appealing good or service, they lack in one particular skill set which makes doing business difficult for them. Suppose an entrepreneur has a prospering food delivery business for domestic and official spaces. However, the entrepreneur wants to expand into delivering food for parties and other special occasions. The problem here is that the owner and employees are not well versed in attractively packaging the food products, since attractive packaging is a prerequisite for food deliveries on special occasions. Through technology, they can learn the requisite skill set and thus expand into offering food delivery services for parties also.

Technology enables much better customer connect

In any business, the key to succeeding is to get repeat customers. The more the repeat customers, better is the future prospect of your business. As is commonly accepted, the major requirement for getting repeat customers is to have a pretty potent customer connect strategy. Be it offering after sales services, be it taking consistent feedback from customers about the quality of the good and service being offered or be it telling existing customers about new offers, technology can help women entrepreneurs stay in touch with their customers 24/7. This also ensures consistent increase in the recall value of the brand, an essential for all businesses today.

Technology ensures improved stock control & record keeping

Every business has to deal with innumerable logistical issues such as stock control & record keeping. Handling these logistical issues is imperative if any business has to flourish. As of today, there are innumerable technological tools available that ensure much increased efficiency in regards to these logistical issues. Technology ensures a much lesser wastage of resources and faster movement of goods from one place to another or more coordinated effort in case of rendering services. A lot of women entrepreneurs have realized this and are using technology to it’s fullest extent possible.

Technology leads to better cooperation amongst team members

Teamwork is a necessity for all organizations, irrespective of whether they are a start up, SME or a global behemoth. However, sometimes due to the lack of geographical proximity, it becomes pretty difficult for employees working in an organization to cooperate efficiently amongst themselves, hindering productivity. Through the usage of technology, employees can transcend these geographical limitations and work with optimal cooperation, just like clockwork. So be it disseminating information about customer requirements, providing updates about the order status to getting feedback from the customer, technology can enable seamless passage of information in an organization, ensuring better cooperation and thus increasing productivity.

Safety for women entrepreneurs

Last but not least, the full integration of technology by women entrepreneurs in their organizations will drastically cut down on safety issues. Safety issues are something which women in all spheres of life face, a lot of the times these safety issues hinder them in reaching their potential. This is a major problematic issue for women entrepreneurs as plenty of times they have to move between cities, meet up potential customers, coordinate with partners etc. The usage of technology will enable them to cut down on their movement and if they have to move, technology is always at their rescue in the worst case scenario of them being stranded in adverse situations.



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