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Workplace Yoga benefits

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Perhaps every organization faces issues relating to rising stress levels amongst it’s employees. In a vastly competitive professional world where multitude of firms are looking to become the leader in a similar market segment, the fact that employee stress levels are at an all time high cannot be doubted anymore. This is true for a majority of organizations, irrespective of the sector they work in or the market they are working in. Apart from rising stress levels leading to lower employee efficiency and productivity, it also results in higher attrition rates. Sample this fact – Almost every industry is witnessing unprecedented attrition rates, rates that many thought were impossible until some years ago. All of this brings us to one basic question, what can organizations do to decrease stress levels and thus increase employee satisfaction.

By some estimates, organizations lose around 250 billion dollars annually due to higher levels of stress resulting in increased absenteeism, lower productivity amongst employees. Also, to be fair, organizations are making an endeavor towards finding ways to keep their employees happy. Right from office trips, gymnasiums, innovative ideas for entertainment etc., organizations are trying out new approaches to reduce stress and anxiety levels in their employees. One of the most common de-stressing techniques in use today is workplace yoga. Innumerable organizations in India and also in other countries have undertaken yoga programs for the employees and the results till now have been very positive. So what are the benefits of yoga at workplace, we tell you in detail below.

Increased concentration and decision making skills amongst employees

It’s imperative for employees of any organization to have better concentration and superior decision making skills if the organization is to keep growing. In a competitive professional world, taking prompt and accurate day to day decisions is an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, a majority of employees today have cluttered minds owing to irregular work hours, working across various verticals etc. It’s here that continuous yoga will help employees increase their productivity and efficiency by helping to de-clutter their mind, thus ensuring better day to day decision making.

Practicing yoga will increase teamwork and make employees feel valued

It’s an age old belief that team work always ensures more efficiency. Although it is true, fact is that most organizations struggle with the issue of teamwork. Even after trying out a lot of different and innovative ideas, the question “how to increase teamwork” is still something that a lot of organizations haven’t figured out. This sometimes has a cyclical effect where employees do not feel part of a team and thus do not feel valued and wanted at an organization. Workplace yoga will give a chance to employees to interact and mingle with each other more, in the process increasing teamwork to a great degree.

Confidence and motivation levels will go up by leaps and bounds

Since yoga ensures clarity of mind, it will surely result in increased confidence amongst employees. Better confidence levels mean higher productivity and increased efficiency. Moreover, another benefit of increased confidence levels through undertaking yoga would be employees being more ready than ever to undertake leadership positions. To put it simply, workplace yoga will give organizations an opportunity to nurture leaders of tomorrow and thus have an ever ready team of people with the ability to take up leadership roles.

Relieves health issues being faced by employees

Each one of us would know of many people who have been suffering from some ailment or the other. Ailments like back pain, high blood pressure, high sugar are common amongst white collar workers today across the globe. This can primarily be attributed to the fact that the busy lives of professional people today leave them with no time for any kind of physical activities. White collar workers today spend a majority of their time sitting on a chair in office cubicles or meeting rooms. Yoga is the ideal alternative for correcting this problem, since it is an ideal form of physical workout and can be taken up by people of all age groups. Practicing half an hour to an hour of yoga daily is sure to prevent the occurrence of various ailments amongst employees.

Higher job satisfaction and a general sense of well being amongst employees

Be it confidence levels, concentration levels and general health, continuous practicing of yoga provides immense benefits on all the aforementioned aspects. All of it combined ensures that a general sense of well being prevails in the office, with employees having a much higher degree of job satisfaction. Along with increase in productivity, higher job satisfaction results in a much higher employee retention rate and as is a proven fact, a large part of the success of any organization depends a lot on it’s ability to retain employees. This alone makes it imperative for all organizations to engage their employees in regular yoga practice.

Workplace yoga makes an organization attractive to prospective new hires

Gone are the days when prospective new hires only used to look at the salary being offered to them before joining a new organization. Nowadays, along with salary, prospective new hires look for other aspects such as work culture, extra curricular activities, chances of reaching to the top of organization etc. Workplace yoga is one such practice that is sure to attract even the most talented of prospective new hiring, thus making the organization able to attract the best talent and stay ahead of the market curve.

Workplace yoga: Trends and how to incorporate it

The fact that employees who practice yoga feel refreshed is backed by research also. In a recent survey, the university of Bristol in England did a study on the effects of yoga on 200 employee of a firm. The results of the study are given in the below info-graph.

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  • Globally renowned organizations such as Apple, Google, Nike etc. have incorporated yoga in their work culture and are encouraging employees to participate in yoga sessions. This is expected to be replicated by numerous other global behemoths very soon.
  • As for organizations wondering how yoga can be incorporated into their workplaces, numerous options are available, ranging from hosting yoga classes on some days of a week or starting with hosting breathing exercises for employees at a particular time every day to simply encouraging employees to take yoga breaks
  • As for incorporating yoga into the workplace, innumerable options exist, giving organizations the benefit of choosing the most suitable one, for holistic benefits


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