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5 Famous People and Their Struggles!

Often, when we talk about the idea of success, we believe that success is an overnight phenomena. What we don’t see is the years and hours of hard work being done in the background of the success stories we refer to. Success is not an overnight phenomena and the only criteria to becoming successful is hard work and perseverance. Here is a list of some very famous people and their not-so-famous struggle to succeed.

                                                           WALT  DISNEY


Walt Disney has inspired thousands and millions of children and adults from across the world to have a big imagination and bigger dreams. He built himself an empire and legacy  that will be remembered for years to come. However, Walt Disney wasn’t just an overnight success. He failed at two businesses before he finally set up Walt Disney Productions with his brother. He then had a series of challenges ranging from finding adequate funding for his projects(Not even for Disneyland!), the failure of his creations, massive criticism against his ideas, etc. But, he persevered and struggled constantly. And we are so, so grateful for that.

                                               HARLAND DAVID SANDERS


People tend to put age limits on everything to do. One is always too young,or too old to try new projects. It’s easier to just give up. However, Colonel Sanders, the famous inventor of the beloved Kentucky Fried Chicken, achieved success at the whopping age of 65! At 65, he slept at the back of a car and traveled from restaurant to restaurant, trying to sell his chicken concept. He was rejected over 1000 times and finally became successful when his recipe was bought! That is what success means; Not giving up even after being rejected a thousand times. Literally.

                                                      SARA BLAKELY

sara blakely

Sara Blakely has been named as the youngest female self-made billionaire. She initially tried to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer, but failed at it. She was also a door-to-door fax machine saleswoman for 7 years. It was during this period that she began to notice the discomfort of wearing full leggings and tights with socks in the heat and came up with her own range of female undergarments and accessories for higher comfort. She spent $5,000 and two years designing her hosiery and patented it herself by buying a textbook from the store. She went to many hosiery mills to present her ideas, but no one saw the value in it. Finally, she  received a phone call from a male operator who was interested in the idea based on reviews from his daughters. Since then, Spanx has become a world-famous brand and Sara Blakely is considered to be one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world.

                                                        OPRAH WINFREY


Oprah Winfrey has been dubbed as the richest African-American in the 20th century and is known as one of the most influential media personalities. But, prior to her prosperous career as a talk show host, actress, media proprietor and philanthropist, Oprah faced a battle of challenges to get where she is today. She grew up in extreme poverty, during which time she said she often wore potato sacks as clothing. She was sexually abused, and often stole money from her mother to keep up with her peers. Finally, her mother sent her away to live with her father Vernon. Under his guidance, Oprah became an honor student and turned her life around. She began hosting a morning talk-show, AM Chicago and during her time,the show went on to become the highest rated talk show in Chicago. It went on to be renamed the Oprah Winfrey Show and is, till today,  well loved by millions across the world. And the most interesting part? Oprah’s first boss told her that she may be “too emotional” and not a good fit for television.

                                                          STEPHEN KING


Stephen King, our beloved author who makes us shudder in fear. King’s first ever novel, Carrie, was rejected by over 30 publishers. King got frustrated and threw the manuscript in the bin, which his wife fished out and forced him to resubmit. He did, and now, mostly everyone knows about the pig-blood scene at prom. For an author who was once told that by a publisher that “We are not interested in science fiction with negative utopias. They do not sell well,” Stephen King did pretty well to break that barrier. He has published over 50 books, all of which are worldwide bestsellers.

On looking back at the stories of successful people,we realize that the one thing they had in common was perseverance. They refused to give up on their dreams and accomplish what they had set out to accomplish. Always, always keep that in mind.


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