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5 Investment Options For Salaried Employees

Real happiness is receiving SMS on the cellphone which reads “Salary credited to Account no. XXXXXXXXXX”. The feeling of getting paid for the work we have done is amazing. But this feeling shades away in darkness when one doesn’t save his/her salary for facing tough times of life.

Investment Options for Salaried Employees

In comparison with businessmen, salaried employees are more likely to be stable as they earn a fixed income every month, and most of them get a hike in salary, every year. But this constriction of earning the same amount every month increases the need of saving as at the time of mishappenings like accident and illness or occasions like marriage and party, one can use his/her saved money. This suggests the need for savings but salaried employees often get confused with which type of investment is beneficial for them and which investment they actually can make as per their monthly salary. So, here we are suggesting you five investment options which salaried employees can take into account and choose one as per their monthly expense and earning:

  • Public Provident Fund (PPF) For Long-Term Financial Goal: Employees wanting to save a great amount of their income for their daughter’s or son’s higher education or marriage, buying a home and having a costly foreign trip can choose this savings-cum-tax-saving PPF option. 15 years is the original duration of PPF, though one can extend it after maturity.

  • Organized Investment in Equity Oriented Products: Short-term goals shape our way to make long-term goals. This is so apt in the case of Equity Oriented Products as these are short-term investments. Here short term means that investment is to be done on a monthly basis, unlike PPF which requires depositing money once in a year. A mutual fund, stock market and many more are covered under EOP.

  • Investment in National Pension System (NPS) for Retirement Planning: For having self-dependency as well as happy old age days after retirement from a job, today, most of the people look for investment options. For them, NPS, a long-term investment whose return an employee gets after his or her retirement is considered the best option.

  • Invest in Fixed Deposit(FD): For having guaranteed return on invested money, Fixed Deposit (FD) is the best option. This is the safest means of investment, which promises to be returned to an investor after a fixed duration of deposit being made. The minimum amount for fixed deposit is Rs. 5000. The rate of interest is 5-7% in almost all reputed banks, so employees who want to save for mid-sized expenses can choose this type of investment.

  • Investment in Gold: If prices of gold are calculated according to the past few years, one can see consistent growth in their rates. Gold is one such material which has shown outstanding results even at the time of market volatility and economic downturn. Buying gold coins, biscuits or jewelry items is always beneficial for the investor and this investment, with time is gaining more popularity.

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