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Chasing his own dream – the story of Juzer Kalim Faizy and his company Steel Mart

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People with an entrepreneurial bent of mind more often than not find it very uncomfortable being an employee because they have their path cut-out. They have the untiring energy to chase their own dreams and take head on all the challenges that come on the path to realize their dreams.

Yes, they are entrepreneurs who carve their own path with sheer persistence, perseverance, patience and hard work. And one such man who did the same is Mr. Juzer Kalim Faizy of Steel Mart, who dared to write his own story in 1986 and after three decades is the most content entrepreneurs.

Patience, honesty & hard work pay: 

The truth is entrepreneurship is not for everyone. While we can all be passionate about something, overcoming challenges that come with entrepreneurship is not everybody’s cup of tea. Also entrepreneurship is not something that can be taught or picked up overnight – the absolute reason why even the greatest of ideas sometimes don’t make it far. Ask an entrepreneur and he will tell you that the mantra for success is persistence, patience and hard work.

These are crucial to overcoming some of the biggest challenges early on. Whether you’re trying to get a client, or procuring your raw material, or any other work related to your business these three words are your keys to success. It’s easy to give up, but it’s a lot harder to keep on trying. So my message to entrepreneurs who are starting their journey is work sincerely and honestly, and don’t lose patience, says Faizy.

Life’s not just about working 24 x 7:

Despite being successful in his venture, Faizy still feels life’s not just about working 24 x 7, instead balancing one’s business with the other things you love is. “The trick is to know how to combine and then separate the business from family, and hobbies. I am happy what I’m doing. Being my own boss gives me the freedom to make the most of my time. Sometimes my work-hours are erratic. But I have learned to use it to my advantage. For instance, sometimes I work from 8 A.M. to 11 A.M. and then an entire day with family and friends and back to work again 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. to complete all my pending work. This allows me to enjoy the other things in life. I try to make time for each of my top priorities –my family, and work.”, Faizy adds.

What strikes the most about Faizy is his humane side. Even after being outwardly ambitious, he keeps his family close, even if it means he remains small as a business entity. In fact he has involved his wife and son in running the business – he admits that for this reason Steel Mart is an enviably happy company!

Doing business has improved tremendously:

Despite what people may say, Faizy believes that in his more than three-decades of experience the scenario of doing business has improved by many folds. When asked on the impact of GST on his business, he said despite criticism from various quarters, “Our business has grown after the implementation of GST because there were many suppliers who were not registered and their business is now diverted to companies like us.”

Even on doing business online, Faizy feels B2B platforms have been able to give him business. Although the volume is not as par his expectations, he believes in the coming years he will be able to get good business with his association with B2B portals.

Faizy despite his entrepreneurial zeal has taken a conscious decision to balance his work with his family life, which is of utmost importance today. We wish him all the luck in his future endeavours and hope that his inspirational story will inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs of the country.

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