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Cloud Computing Driving Productivity, Profitability of SMBs

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Every now and then, we see technology taking over everything. A trendy and transformational technology term which is truly being heard now-a-days, especially by Small and Medium businesses is Cloud Computing which is meeting business needs.

As the very name of this term ‘Cloud Computing‘ suggests, it is made combining two words, where cloud simply refers to internet and computing as the use of computers. Making it more clear, it is an activity of managing, processing and storing data over the internet without letting hard drive of the computer perform aforesaid activities. Companies performing these activities and availing this service from cloud providers are billed on the amount of usage just like we are given bills for using electricity and water.

Cloud Computing

Coming back to our main theme ‘Cloud Computing Driving Productivity, Profitability of SMBs‘. It offers both small and medium scale enterprises freedom to save their documents, connect with customers, and lots more over the internet anytime and any day. Having flexibility in accessing cloud easily, the concerned person can use any of the web-enabled device be it tablet, smartphone or lappy.

Switch To Cloud & Experience Productivity

In India, there are nearly 50 million small and medium scale entities facing challenges like restricted access to technology as well as resources which directly affects the profitability and productivity of the company. But shifting from traditional means to trendy means which in this case is Cloud Computing, SMBs can enjoy greater profits and enhanced freedom of working.

The benefits of big move to cloud are as follows:

  • ┬áNo expense on expert staff to maintain your computer system because everything is being done and saved over internet, so pay-as-you-go

  • Stored data in cloud is safe and protected, so in the case of natural calamities, power failure, system breakdown or any other crisis, your data will not get lost.

  • Sharing of confidential information with accountant or business head in your absence at the office will not obstruct business productivity.

  • The cloud provider automatically update software version with modern technology

No better technology than Cloud Computing can jumpstart your business journey as from marketing automation to customer relationship management, all are performed using this technology. Hence, Cloud Computing to make SMBs on cloud nine.

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