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Embracing Your Struggles


The weekend just got over and you can still taste the transitory freedom of yesterday.The previous week, like all other weeks, had been excruciatingly exhausting. Like many others, you’re burning out; your bored mind a constant reminder of your unpurposed life.

And you really hate the words “purpose”, “passion”, “mission”, yada yada and bitterly believe that your “reason”for existing is to sucker punch everyone who uses these words in all seriousness. Your life is a big fuzzball, being thrown from one paycheck to the next.

But, I’m sorry not sorry for bursting your isolated scrooge bubble. Life gets hard, often.More often than we can imagine and on wavelengths we can’t think possible. Struggle is a part of life.Even if there is a bend in the road, you have to carry on or you’ll hit the brick wall and stay stuck there. Chances are, you’ve hit that wall and made it your home. It’s big, safe.. terrible,yes, but safe. What’s a little hopelessness when the risk of moving forward is facing your biggest fears?

But even if there is a bend in the road, you have to carry on. There are so many routes, all providing a means to an end. And this brick wall is not the end you were looking for. If it was, then by all means, cherish it. But I doubt it ever was. Why don’t you try taking another route? The one you always wanted to, but gave up because it was too hard?

Never in the history of the world and never again, will this exact moment come by. Never did and never will you exist again, as you do now,molded and guided by your circumstances. People change every minute, and there is no one else exactly like you in this world.There are some gifts that only you have. If you keep your talents, your voice, your perception of the world to yourself, then the world would have lost a unique precious influence forever. Now, that is not something you would want to deny the world of, would you?

So yes,moving away from that brick wall would mean you will struggle.But really, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your idea of how the world should be. Struggle, defeat,criticism, it’s all a natural part of life. Pull yourself up, and remember that the people we admire most are the people who also worked the most. Remember that and embrace your struggles, for you should hold yourself up to the standards of those you admire.

Mainly, it’s important to know that your ideas, goals, life choices, will be met with prevailing criticism. People will always think you’re crazy because they simply view the world through their own lenses. But that is your job, to go out there and create something powerful enough to convince people that they need your idea. No one thought individuals would want personal computers for their homes, but Steve Jobs went ahead and created it anyways, no one thought Snow White and the Seven Dwarves would be a success, but Walt Disney imagined it and brought it to life, no publisher liked Harry Potter, until Bloomsbury went ahead and published it based on an instinct. None one thought a lot of things, and it’s all been done, loved and forever etched into our admiration.

My point is, that if you think the world should be a certain way, or needs a certain service, or thing, and idea, whatever it is, you should go ahead and bring it to life. There will be struggle, but the differentiating factor on why you would succeed depends on your level of perseverance. Everyone who did anything of consequence endeavored, and if they had given up, we wouldn’t have been admiring them today. So what would you prefer to do? Embrace your challenges and know that it is a natural part of life or choose to make the brick wall your home, where struggles never reach, but neither do dreams.


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