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Google Pixelbook : First impression of the next-gen chromebook

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Google recently launched the Google Pixelbook. The third generation of the Chromebook Pixel series, the Pixelbook was launched by Google on October 4 at it’s ‘made by Google’ event. Touted as the better alternative to high end Mac and windows devices and something that will inspire the next batch of chrome OS laptops, the Google Pixelbook is the first in it’s series to have 100 percent android app support. Google has high hopes that the Pixelbook will finally make it a formidable player in the laptops’ segment, as the earlier products in the same series didn’t quite match up to Google’s expectations. Like all Google products, people have been in great anticipation of the Pixelbook, with quite a lot of them wanting to lay their hands on it. So is the Google Pixelbook worth buying? Let us evaluate.

A sleek and sublime design

The Google Pixelbook is sleek and has a sublime design. It has a sturdy aluminum outer body, with a satin finish. It also features a large, white glass panel on the lid, giving it a sophisticated look. Moreover, the white rubbery strip below the keyboard allows the comfortable placing of the palm while typing. With a thickness and weight of around 10.3 mm and 1.1 kgs respectively, the Pixelbook basically has a minimalist design. It is hands down the best designed laptop of the Chromebook Pixel series and one of the best designed laptops available in the market today.

High end & very impressive configuration

The Google Pixelbook comes with a QHD ( quad high definition ) display of 12.3 inches which has a ppi of 235 and an aspect ratio of 3:2. It has an Intel i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, with memory options to choose from being 128 GB and 256 GB RAM. The top end version of the Google Pixelbook is also available, which features an i7 processor and memory of 512 GB. Furthermore, the Pixelbook also features a 720p webcam that works at 60 frames per second. Along with the Pixelbook, Google is also offering the Pixelbook Pen. It is basically a stylus that is powered by AAAA battery. Along with having pressure sensitivity, the pen also has support for Google Assistant. People can buy the Pen at an additional price of 99 U.S$.

Does the high end hardware prove it’s worth ?

Google claims that the configuration of the Pixelbook makes it the best high end laptop available today in the market. Furthermore, Google also promises seamless running of web apps ( more so those specifically designed for Chrome and also 10 hours of battery life. Promises aside, early reviews have indicated the battery life to be of 8 hours ( on normal to hard usage). All android apps on the Pixelbook run very well, games do not stutter and the laptop never freezes even with a lot of background apps running. All in all, the performance is pretty great and lag free, seems like the high end hardware in the Pixelbook does prove it’s worth. One major problem that Pixelbook has, like other laptops from the same series is that it has the same built in limitations the chrome OS systems suffer from, restricting the overall experience of the end user.

Should you buy the Google Pixelbook ?

Starting with a steep price of 999 U.S $, many have wondered whether the Pixelbook is good enough to buy at such a hefty price tag. Google claims that Pixelbook is basically a touchscreen laptop that will work as seamlessly as a tablet, quite unlike the Apple iPad Pro or the Microsoft Surface Pro, which are basically tablets with attachable keyboards. People who are looking for a touchscreen laptop that also doubles up as a tablet can think about buying this but for people who want a professional grade tablet, the Apple iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro are better options.

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