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How to Get Customers to Trust Your E-commerce Store

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Everything is set in place. You’ve done your market research and discovered just what to sell for profit maximization, you’ve created a wonderful website or found the right service provider. The payment system is easy and navigating your page is stress-free! You’ve hired social media analysts, content writers, SEO experts, marketing managers, etc, etc. But where are the sales? Why is there large traffic, but consistently low sales?

Well, what you need to do in order to achieve the desirable results you deserve, is to capture and maintain customer trust! The more trustworthy your page is, the higher the number of purchase orders you will receive. Below, you will find a few tips on how you can accomplish this.


Prove that your website is secure


Today’s online consumers are hyper-vigilant in the midst of online frauds and personal information theft. They are aware of the risks related with making online payments and know what makes a website safe and secure to use.

In order to prove the legitimacy of your website, you can get an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate proves that your website is genuine and secures your online transactions. Customers will be able to recognize that your website is SSL certified when they see an additional ‘s’ after the http, making it ‘https’ and if it is accompanied with a padlock symbol which tells them that the website is secure.

There are various websites will sell SSL certificates and you can make a purchase to see which one suits your needs and requirements. Some popular sellers include GoDaddy, Verisign, and Comodo.


Show that others trust you


According to Dan Kennedy, one of the world’s leading marketing experts and highest paid copywriter, “what others say about you and your product, service, or business is at least 1000 times more convincing than what you say, even if you are 2000 times more eloquent.”

People tend to trust what other customers say about your business over what you might say simply because they believe you are solely interested in making profits! No matter how strongly you may believe in your product or service and irrespective about how passionate you are towards providing great quality service and wonderful customer experience, customers will form their opinion about your company based on the reviews their peers give them.

In order to show that other people trust your company, you can set in place a customer testimonial and review section on your page. Studies show that people nowadays are more convinced by video content than written content, thus, you can set in place a video testimonial section as well. There are various freelancers willing to create powerful and honest video testimonials for your products or services and you can explore numerous other similar options.

Another way to build customer trust is to set up a news section where you  throw focus on positive media and press coverage. You can also get in touch with bloggers, reviewers, critics, YouTube personalities to test and spread word related to your business offerings.


Look Professional


It is important to represent your business and company in a professional and reliant manner in the virtual world. In order to do this, present all business, transaction and customer service related information in a clear manner,the same way a responsible and detail-oriented company would do. Have detailed information on how to contact the business with all the relevant email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, working hours, business departments, etc. Also, include a full section on customer service information with details regarding product return and guarantee period, as well as relevant contact information in case of further queries. Don’t forget to include an FAQ section and set up a trustworthy payment system or gateway!


Ensure fair representation


In order to minimize reputational risks, it is important to do everything in your power to live up to the standards associated with excellence and just practices. You can use some good backdrops for photography. Make sure that all information you provide about your products or services is true and maintain complete transparency during information disclosure. Take honest representative pictures of your products for virtual display, clarify the exchange, guarantee and insurance policies, tell customers about your cash back, or lack of cash back policies, etc.

Remember, that your end goal is to see your business thrive, grow and expand. This can only be done by winning customer loyalty and by remembering that happy customers make great customers! Happy customers will return just to you and bring their friends and families on board! It can be easy to get swayed along the way and adopt risky strategies for short term sale spurts, but such strategies could result in disastrous long-term goal implementation.


Get Accredited


If you belong to any unions, alliances, coalitions and partnerships or are accredited with any certification of authority, credibility, or competency, then you should definitely display it on your web page. An accreditation is symbolic of high practice standards and customers will be more positive in their perception of your business when they associate it with high standards of practice.



Eventually, you must remember that online customers have not seen the product they are ordering in its physical form or met the people who are providing them with a service. They are making a blind purchase when they give their payment details and personal information online and as businesses running virtual stores, it is our responsibility to do what we must in order to gain their trust. Once done, we must ensure that the trust placed in our businesses is well deserved and respect the faith our customers have in us. Only then will our businesses grow to become ones that are trusted and widely respected.





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