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How to Improve the Quality of SMEs Products in India

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SMEs products in India requires quality improvement to meet the standard of the International markets.

The products produced by the SMEs in India generally face the challenge of quality failure in the international markets. Indian SMEs are usually unable to meet the product standard and experience high competitiveness with the SMEs of other countries. The lack of proper quality check methods and other similar techniques in the SMEs of India results in low quality products. Some of the ways that can be used to improve the product quality of the Indian SMEs are:

Involvement of management: The management of the company should put emphasis on the quality of the product . There should be a special department for the quality check. The management should hire the quality managers, who are experienced and professionally trained to keep a check on quality.

Vendor selection process: The vendors from which the company is purchasing the raw materials or other products should be selected through a specific selection process. Collect information about the vendor’s client list, check the quality of the products offered by him and evaluate whether the vendor is credible or not.

Production process: The production process followed by a firm also effects the quality of the product. Sometime the SMEs in India selects inappropriate methods or procedure for production which results in poor product quality. The SMEs must select the production procedure carefully.

Technical aspects: The lack of technical modification and the use of older techniques for production also effects the quality of the products. Most of the Indian SMEs are still using outdated techniques and old machines. This restricts the quality of the product to a great extent. The lack of mechanical maintenance and the high pricing of up-gradated machines, paralyzes the SMEs from having good machines and technical supports. SMEs should spend a reasonable amount of money on technical development.

Hiring outsider quality consultancy: If the management is unable to conduct the quality check, the SMEs can hire a credible outsider quality consultancy. The quality consultancies will keep a check on the quality of the product and will provide the company with a proper report highlighting the problems and areas which require improvements.


Quality check can be done by hiring the outsider Quality Consultancies

Training and awareness : Creating awareness among the workers regarding the importance of product quality can also help in improving the quality. Proper training should be given to the employees of SMEs, informing them about the various methods and do’s and don’ts for the maintenance of the quality.


Priority: The quality of the products should be given the highest priority. Most of the SMEs focus on the quantity productivity of the company. They spend more efforts and money on increasing the sale of the products rather than on the improvement of quality.

The above mention steps can play a significant role in improving the quality of the products produced by the SMEs in India. The improvement in quality will ensure more profitability to SMEs and offers competitive advantages over the other products in the market.


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