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How To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

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Google My Business is a great tool that helps businesses to create, manage, and optimize their business profile on Google. It allows business owners to interact with new customers across Google Search and Maps. 

There are many benefits of creating and optimizing your Google Business Profile. When you create a profile on Google My Business, you get a lot more than a business listing. Here are a few important benefits of having Google Business Profile:

  • Creates an online presence for your local business- Having a Google Business Profile helps to improve the online visibility of your business. It offers a virtual tour of your business to the potential customers which enhances the online presence of your business. Every business owner should make sure to improve how your business appears online so that you can attract more customers.
  • Makes it easier for customers to locate you- Your business profile helps customers to find your business location precisely on Google Maps. This way they can easily reach out at the location of your business. 
  • To manage the business profile on Google Search- Maintain accurate information on your business profile such as Address, Map Location, Website, etc. It makes it easier for customers to connect with you.
  • Quickly respond to reviews and questions from customers- Through your business listing on Google, customers can easily connect with you– by calling, leaving reviews, or asking queries. When you respond to the reviews and questions of your customers, it depicts that you value your customers. 
  • For sharing photos and updates- Google Business Profile lets you add photos and share updates to present the unique selling point of your business, and give customers enough reasons to choose you over your competitors. 

Let’s have a look at how to optimize your Google Business Profile:

  1. Get more reviews
  2. Add relevant description 
  3. Answer customers’ questions 
  4. Showcase your website
  5. Set business hours
  6. Add photos
  7. Add your contact 
  8. Share business updates
  9. Select your business category
  10. Fill complete details

1. Get more reviews-

 Reviews is an important feature that helps businesses to get feedback from customers and engage with them. It provides valuable information to both customers and business. 

 You can request customers to give you feedback by sharing a shortened review URL. Positive reviews improve the visibility of your online business and increase the chance of a buyer visiting your location. This helps businesses to stand out on Google.

2. Add relevant description-

 Google business description lets you share a summary of a limit of 750 characters. Make sure to include only relevant and useful information in the description to help customers understand your business. The information can be related to products or services offered, mission, and history of the business.

 Content that you are showcasing on your business profile must present what makes your business unique. Don’t share any false or misleading information about your business or products and services.

3. Answer customers’ questions-

Customers might have some questions that your business listing does not answer. Google My Business’ Questions and Answers feature lets people ask questions about your business. Questions can be answered by the business owner or anyone with a Google account.

It’s important that questions are answered. Create an alert to get notified when someone asks a question so that you can answer immediately. If questions are left unanswered, this may create an impression that the business owner does not bother about the customer’s query.

4. Showcase your website-

Your website provides complete information about your business and products or services you offer. Ideally, you should list your website on your business profile so that people get all the information they need. 

Adding a website will help you to drive the customer to your website where there is a greater chance of lead conversion.

5. Set business hours-

You should add your business hours to your listing so that people know when your business is open or closed. First mark the days your business is open, then set the time of opening and closing. It is essential information that all businesses must provide.

You can make changes in your business hours as many times as it is required.

6. Add photos-

Adding photos helps your business profile to stand out in the crowd. Your customers can also add photos to your Google My Business listing. You can add several types of photos to your business listing. Logo helps customers to recognize your business so make sure to have a clear one. Set a cover photo that represents your business. Add different business photos to attract and inform customers about your business.

Businesses who showcase photos on their listing are likely to get more requests for driving directions and more website clicks than businesses without photos.

7. Add your contact-

Provide your contact number in your business listing so that people can call you directly. You may avoid giving your phone number if you don’t want customers to call you. On the other hand, adding contact will give customers a way to reach you directly.

8. Share business updates-

 Businesses can share updates, offers, news, and events pertaining to their business. The purpose of sharing posts is to inform customers about ongoing activities at your business such as a sale or upcoming event.

 Make sure that the posts you share on Google are brief, relevant, and inspire action. Photos should be clear and in-focus.

9. Select your business category-

Your business category tells people what your business is, not what you sell or do. Select a primary category that describes your business in the best way as a whole, not its products or services.

If you want customers to know about your products or services, you may add an additional category.

10. Fill complete details-

Take out time to fill all the details that are incomplete. The remaining details will depend on the business category you select. 

Fill all the details as accurately as you can and then you will be good to proceed. 

Once you have successfully completed your Google My Business profile as explained in this post, you are most likely to receive more customer queries or website visitors depending upon your business type. 

If optimised properly, a Google My Business listing can do wonders for your business.

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