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Inexpensive & unique Christmas decoration items to make your celebrations incredible

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christmas decoration items


It’s that time of the year again, Christmas, an annual festival celebrated by billions across the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ is just days away. Erstwhile restricted to countries with a majority Christian population, the trend of celebrating Christmas has caught up in almost all countries today. Even in India, scores of people can be seen on Christmas day indulging in activities such as singing karaoke, eating cakes, dressing up as Santa Claus etc. Moreover, along with celebrating Christmas the traditional way ( i.e – western way ), people in India have also customized Christmas celebrations to a large extent, such as draping cotton wool on Christmas trees to make up for lack of snow, eating Indian sweets along with cakes etc.

Christmas decoration items are an essential part of every Christmas celebration. Christmas would be nothing without Christmas cards, Christmas trees, LED Light candles, Christmas star, Christmas ornaments etc. The range of products used for Christmas decoration in India and in other countries is very vast. Let’s take a look at some of these items.


Christmas tree

Perhaps the most important of all Christmas decoration items, Christmas trees are an absolute necessity, without which it would be difficult to imagine Christmas celebrations. Usually an evergreen plant such as spruce or pine is used as Christmas tree, with artificial Christmas trees also being widely used today. The setting up & taking down of Christmas trees varies widely from culture to culture. To elaborate,

  • Some households in the united states put up a Christmas tree around Thanksgiving ( celebrated in the month of November ), while some households will set up a tree in the second week of December.
  • In south American countries, the Christmas tree is set up on 8th of December, while in Germany, the tree is generally set up on Christmas eve
  • In Australia, the Christmas tree is put up on 1st of December, while people in countries such as India are pretty flexible, with some even putting up Christmas trees on Christmas day itself


Christmas stars & ornaments

Christmas stars & ornaments are other essential parts of Christmas decoration. Generally made from glass, metal, wood, ceramics etc., these are used in every household celebrating Christmas. Christmas stars & ornaments include candy cranes, Santa Claus lookalikes, snowmen etc. The usage of these brings a sense of festivity to households during Christmas. Apart from households, these are also commonly used in public spaces, workplaces etc.


Hanging bells

It is difficult to imagine Christmas without hanging bells. Also referred to as jingle bells or sleigh bells, these are used on other Christmas decorations and sometimes are also hung around people’s neck just like a necklace. Just like other Christmas ornaments, hanging bells also vary greatly in design such as hanging bells with a snowflake, hanging bells with a star etc. Hanging bells are perhaps one of the most recognizable sounds associated with Christmas.


Christmas cards, decorative Christmas gifts

Festivities are the time when people wish their near & dear ones and as a mark of thanks, give gifts to them. All this makes Christmas cards, decorative Christmas gifts almost an imperative during Christmas time. All the aforesaid are available in varying designs today, whether it be minimalistic, whether it be professional or whether it be funky. This ensures the adequate fulfilment of all Christmas greeting & gifting requirements.


Ideas for Christmas decoration

  • Cleanly organize the bookshelf, use wrapping paper on some books and also put small Christmas trees on the bookshelf. This will give your home a feel good look
  • Replace place mats & napkins with colourful and innovatively designed folded tea towels on the dining table
  • Place garlands & tassel baskets nearby mirrors, nearby the study table and also nearby coffee tables. This will give your home a more welcoming look that is perfectly in accordance with the festivity
  • Paint the doormat with Christmas tree type small paintings, you can experiment with some different colours
  • Instead of using one big Christmas tree, use a number of small Christmas trees in different rooms.
  • Hang innovatively designed ribbons from the staircase. This will enhance the overall Christmas feel in the house.


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