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Instagram as a Selling and Marketing Platform

By on January 30, 2015 in Business Tips, SMEs Insights with 0 Comments

Kiara is fond of making cakes, cupcakes and pastries of various shapes, favors, designs and sizes. She started sharing images of her-self made cakes and products on Instagram and got good numbers of comments and followers. Many people have shown interest in buying her products, so she provided her contact details and prices for different products. Now, she gets enough orders every day and generates good revenue out of it. Instagram worked as a business platform for her. It’s not only with her, you can also use this social medium for selling your products or for marketing your company. No matter how small your business is, this social networking site can work effectively as a marketing and sales tool.

It’s free: Anyone can make an account on Instagram for free. Its a cost free, effective marketing tool. You can share as much images as you want.

Visual: Images speak more than the words. Instagram, being a platform for visual images, attracts more audience in contrast of other social mediums which share only written content like Twitter.

More engaging: Instagram is more engaging as compare to other sites. Instagram posts get more likes and comments in differentiation of other social media platforms, hence offers a higher level of engagement.


Emotional connection: Pictures on Instagram offer a more emotional touch. It gets easy to persuade a person or buyer by showing the product image or photos of satisfied customers. Also photographs are more appealing and help in making emotional contact with the audience.

Apart from photographs, you can also share videos through your Instagram account. Some of the larger brands like Starbucks, Nike, etc. also use Instagram for marketing their brands. Instagram ads will further increase its use as a marketing tool.

Create your account on Instagram now and give new wings to your business and marketing plans. Share your experience, by dropping comments below.

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