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IPL: A Combo of Game, Glamour, Marketing and Branding

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IPLIndian Premier League, is the most famous and overwhelmed T-20cricket tournament played in India.Though the cricket and the sporty sprites are the co-called recognition of IPL but brands, sponsors, celebrities, glamorous personalities and cheer girls are the other ways through which the league is bring recalled by the people. Apart from entertainment, IPL also acts as an economical opportunity for various sectors. The financial prospective involve in the organization and implementation of IPL seasons serve profitability to many other related fields.

Marketing and branding in IPL:

  • The total value generated by IPL as a business in US $3.2 billion.
  • IPL is proven as one of the best platforms for staging brands.
  • Vodafone has staged its best campaign ‘Zoozoo’ on IPL. The appearance of ‘ Oh Yes Abhi’ the tag line of Pepsi on the score boards during IPL matches is another example of branding through IPL.
  • From the cricket fields to the cricketers’ uniform everything carries the color of branding and act as a showcase for the sponsored brands.
  • Branding, revenue and entertainment are the three prime serving of the Indian premier league. The popularity of cricket and the people’s craze towards matches makes IPL the most generous platforms for advertising and branding.
  • 15-25% of the total revenue earn by a team is spend over their own branding and promotion. For example, the Kolkata Knight Riders invested a noticeable amount of money for their promotion in the initial seasons of IPL.

Each IPL franchise or team has its different brand values depending upon the popularity and the team members. According to the study conducted by American Appraisal the brand values of the following teams are:


Brand Value ($ Million)

Chennai Super Kings


Mumbai Indians


Kolkata Night Riders


Royal challengers Bangalore


Rajasthan Royals


Delhi Daredevils


Kings Eleven Punjab


Sunrise Hyderabad



Sources of revenue for IPL teams:

  1. Merchandising: The great ‘fanship’ of cricket in India, makes the IPL merchandising business very profitable. Each of the IPL team produces T-shirts, caps, hand bands and other related products and sell it through their website and other mediums and earn good amount of money out of it. The Current market for IPL Branded Merchandise is US$ 40 million and it is likely to increase to US$ 411 million by 2020.
  1. Brand sponsorships: Being the attraction of thousands of people and viewership of over millions makes IPL a prime branding and advertising destination. These brand sponsorships are the biggest revenue source for IPL teams. Pepsi have won over the title sponsorship rights of IPL for next five years at Rs 396.8 crores.
  2. Ticket sale: Match tickets are a great source of revenue for the IPL teams. 80% of the stadium match tickets remain in the hand of the IPL teams and the other 20% in the hands of the organizers. Tickets sale adds on to the total revenue generated by a team.

Other Sectors benefited through IPL:

  • Sports goods: The IPL season usually heats up the sports market. The sale of the cricket related goods increases during IPLs. The indirect branding of cricket as an interesting game attracts more purchases. Many sports brand trends to produce IPL merchandise during the season.


    Sales of cricket related goods trend to increase during IPL.

  • Advertising: The official broadcasters of IPL, Sony Max and star sports earn excellent advertising rates during the cricket broadcasts. It increases the revenue generated by the broadcaster and ensure maximum visibility to the advertisers.
  • Food and beverage : During the Indian Premier League many matches are being organized in different stadiums and most of the stadium viewers purchase food and beverages available in the stadiums. So this even boost up the food and beverage sales in respective stadiums.
  • Flyers and printing sector: The designers, printers and sellers of Cricket related printed materials earn profits during IPL. The banners, flyers, promotional posters, 4 and 6 run paper figures etc. are the general printed material used during cricket matches. The sale of such products increases during IPL.

Cricket is a kind of culture in Indian and not merely a game. IPL tournaments act as the selling seasons for the above mention fields. It provides a commercial boost to various sectors and result in their development and better production. Branding and marketing through IPL supports the sale of sponsored brands and further redirect the general public towards the buying actions. Therefore, IPL have equal economical and entertainment

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