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Learning Lessons for SME’s from The General Election 2014

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SMEs should grab the tips offered by the general election result 2014.

Election season have just waved out from the country. The discussion about which political party will form the government is still new. During the entire phrase of the general elections 2014, each political party have tried to get more and more votes by influencing the general public with their ideologies, ideas, plans and promises. In this race of winning over the confidence of the general public, some parties succeed while some other parties failed. SMEs having limited number of employes and clients which need to grow their businesses for achieving their business objectives. In the process of getting more clients by influencing and persuading them towards their products and services there are some lessons that each SME should learn from the General election results of 2014. Some of the things that SMEs needs to learn from the successes and failures of some of the major political parties in general election 2014 are as follows:

BJP(Bharatiya Janta Party): The largest seat winning party of general election 2014, have stated the power and importance of excellent marketing strategy and branding. This party have given an example that proper promotion can convert anything into a brand. Most of the SMEs failed to spend required money and efforts on their marketing and branding strategies. A simple and easy to remember tag line like that of BJP ‘ Abki Bar Modi Sarkar’ or USP(Unique Selling Proposition) can make it easy for the consumers to recall your brand or products.

Indian National Congress: The political party with longest ruling experience in India also offers a learning lessons for SMEs. No matter how big your company is and how long you have survived in the market, if you fail to deliver the quality or satisfy your consumers you are going to fail soon or later. Don’t make false promises. Do not commit any thing if you can’t serve it on time. While writing a quotation and developing your product’s USP be very particular about your words and claims made by you. Failure of promise deliveries will result in losing the consumer’s faith over your organization.


Try to learn from the experiences of various political parties and implement the learning in your business.

Aam Adami Party: AAP’s low to average performance in general election 2014 is offering the best lessons that SMEs should learn from AAP’s election experience. Some of them are:

  • Lack of strong or well defined organizational structure.
  • Lack of proper planning
  • Lack of teamwork
  • Overconfidence (Competing against the bigger competitions without having much experience)

All the above mentioned points are the weaknesses of AAP which ruined its political image. As an SME’s owner, you should keep a check that your company is not holding the mentioned problems. Lack of well defined and functioning organizational structure will create confusion regarding the duties and authorities among the workers. Lack of planning will result in waste of money, time and energy without any fruitful results.

Team work is of prime importance for every organization. Always try to build a team that can work together and deliver the result efficiently. Over confidence can lead you to losses. As it is said “ slow and steady wins the race”. First of all try to grow your organization before going for open competition with larger players.

BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party): BSP has delivered the worst election result with zero winning seats. It also offers a learning experience for SME’s. The major drawbacks of BSP are :

  • It targets a small group of people (Scheduled Castes (SCs), the Scheduled Tribes (STs), the Other Backward Classes (OBCs)).
  • Over confidence

Though it is important to define a target audience but selecting a very limited group as your target audience can harm you in the long run. Very limited number of target audience means even if you satisfy your entire target group, your profit will not be much as the number of consumers will be less. So be quite realistic while defining your target audience. Over confidence also hurts the interest of an entity. The over confidence of BSP can harm it in further elections as well.

Samajwadi Party (SP): One of the learning lessons from BSP and Samajwadi party is the same i.e. targeting limited sections of society. But the SP is somewhat more successful because it mostly delivers its election promises. As a SME if you deliver your promises or business commitments then you will get more clients and business. It will result in creating a creditable image of your company in the your consumer’s mind.

By the time we are posting this blog, BJP have already formed its government in the center and Mr. Narendra Damodardass Modi have became the new Prime Minister of India. The election result have shown how that effective election strategy worked for BJP. In order to develop your business and grow it contently open up with the learning lessons offered by the General election 2014’s experiences of major political parties. Always keep your eyes open for improvements that can be done in making your SME more meaningful.

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