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Mobile Marketing : A New Insight of Selling

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Mobile marketing is an excellent way of reaching the current ‘Mobileholic’ generation.

The increasing usage of Smartphones and mobile browsing makes mobile marketing a crucial constituent of the branding process for every organization. As it is observed that most of the people using internet in developing countries prefer to use mobiles as their primary device over desktops. According to Marketing land, near about 50% of the Internet consumers across the World now use mobile devices as their preferred mechanism for surfing the web.

As there are demands of mobile friendly mediums, the supply of the same is a must. If consumers prefer mobile as the source of information, then as a marketer you have to reach them through mobile mediums only.

Some of the interesting facts that highlight the importance of mobile and mobile marketing in the current scenario are:

  • The mobile browsing representation has increased from 0.7% in 2009 to 7.1% in 2011. It means that the mobile browsing share has increased by 1000% in 2 years.
  • In 2011, 25% of the mobile users go online through the device at least once in a day.
  • About 50% of the mobile searches lead to buying action or over 90% lead to other actions.
  • It is expected that by the latest of this year the mobile usage will overtake desktop and laptop usage.
  • The redemption rate of online coupons is 20 times higher than the traditional coupons.

The above mention points clearly define that mobile marketing is must for marketing your products and services in an effective way.

Types of mobile marketing:

Some of the most commonly used types of mobile marketing are:

  • Mobile sites: As a large number of people are using mobiles as their main browsing device, mobile site is a must to reach the potential buyers. A mobile site should be fast and easy to use. The designing of the mobile sites should be responsive and quick to load.
  • Mobile apps: The development of the mobile app of your company will help your customers to reach you easily and will help in maintaining good online buying experience. The mobile app of domino’s pizza can be taken as examples. These apps allow the consumers to get connected with their seller companies through mobile.
  • Search: Optimization of your mobile site is very important. Most of the internet users prefer to go to search engines while they are looking for something online. So, for better mobile marketing it is important to optimize your site. Whenever a person search for the product or services offered by you, your site should rank better for getting new customers. According to the Think with Google , mobile in store research, 82% of the shopper use search engines for searching product information then direct apps or mobile sites while being in the store.
  • Banner ads: Banner ads attract online visitors to your site. These banner ads are similar to PC banners and plays an important role in better online visibility of a brand or company.
  • Coupons: Coupons are the innovative type of mobile marketing. Mobile online coupons offering discounts,gifts or other benefits attract many consumers and drives visitor’s attention towards the marketing company.
  • SMS/ MMS : SMS and MMS are also a type of mobile marketing. The spread of promotional SMS and MMS to among huge numbers of mobile users often help in boosting the sales and visibility of a company.

Mobile marketing offers endless business opportunities.

Mobile marketing is the new trend which offers countless business opportunities to the concerned brand or entity. Some of the excellent benefits of mobile marketing over other marketing techniques are:

  • All time access : Most of the mobile users have access to their mobile phones in almost all the awaken hours of the day. So the reachable time is very high in mobile marketing as compared to other devices.
  • Immediate receiving: The advertising or promotional messages sent by the advertiser reaches the target audience in no time. SMS and MMS offer instant receiving.
  • Interactivity: Mobile marketing offers excellent interactivity. According to a research, an average person takes 90 minutes to respond an e-mail whereas he takes only 90 seconds to respond a SMS.
  • Mobile payment gateways: The techniques and mobile payment gateways allow the consumer to buy the product and services then and there. So the impact of the mobile marketing can lead to direct purchasing action.
  • Cost effective: Mobile marketing is a very cost effective marketing technique. As compared to the TV commercials and radio ads, mobile marketing offers a more affordable and effective marketing solution.

Mobile marketing is a potential and a sensible marketing option which will offer excellent business growth and loyal customers. It’s time to promote your business through mobile marketing to open a whole new sphere of business opportunities.

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