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Tradeindia’s City Specific Search Result

By on February 19, 2016 in Announcement with 0 Comments introduces a new search option to find the business located in and around your city.  Now, you can establish conversations & conversions at local level over phone, online, or in person at a particular location. To gain benefit of this new initiative of Tradeindia, follow the below mentioned steps:

Step-1 : Select the City


Select “Share Location” (this option will appear automatically)

Tradeidnia Share Your Locatiaon

On clicking this option, a pop-up will appear where you have to select your location/city

Select Your Location

This selected ‘city’ will be visible besides the Tradeindia logo. Now, you can search for the local business from the search box

View Your Location

Step-2 : Change the City

If you have selected a wrong city or you want to modify your city preference, then click on the City Name displayed besides the Tradeindia logo, at the top right corner of the website. Here, you can change the city name and continue with your search.

Step-3 : Searching for Local Businesses

  • This search will show business listings within 250 Km of the selected city.
  • You can further expand the search results with the newly added feature of “Filter Result by Distance”. Through this, you can view the listings within the distance of 1000 Km (maximum).

Local Search Result

Here, you also have the flexibility to select the option “Search All Location”. This will override the “Local Search” option and will show you the listing of all the businesses, nationally and internationally.

We hope that this new “geographic proximity initiative” of Tradeindia will help you to explore the local business more quickly. Try the new ‘local search’ facility of Tradeindia and give us your Feedback.


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