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TradeKhata Features and How it Helps Businesses

Today, businesses of all kinds and sizes have begun to use digital technology for overcoming the limitations of this physical business world. Therefore, benefiting them in releasing their products in the market at a much faster rate while reaching to the right customers and offering them a personalized experience. In the view of this fact, TradeKhata is introduced in the market.

TradeKhata is a digitizing platform for all types and sizes of businesses and personal ledgers through which they are now able to effectively manage their business from their phones or web. Besides, this platform supports all businesses in keeping a track of their payment collection via a number of digital modes. Moreover, this application modernizes the operations of a business by managing data of customers, generating invoices, keeping tracks of payment collection and bulk payouts. Needless to say, TradeKhata is an effective solution for growing businesses at a digital level.

When it comes to start a new business, apart from innovative ideas and good investment, it requires ability to adapt to the continuous market changes, thereby, ensuring a steady business growth. Many small businesses are started on daily basis and are shut down after a few days. It is because of their lack of knowledge and ability to manage the finances properly. When buying from a small business, customers have a tendency to buy things today but pay later. This is why, many small businesses fail to keep a track of all these minor credit and debit transactions. Thus, leading to business complications like pending payments or failure of payment collection on time.

Considering this aspect, many small businesses began maintaining cash books, ledger books and accounting books. However, effective maintenance of hard copies of all these activities has never been an easy task. Hence, these books are now replaced by a digital platform called TradeKhata, thereby, rendering all business runners a relief of effectively managing their cash related transactions.

This application can be easily downloaded and does not require any technical knowledge to use the same. The user-friendly interface supports the users with easy use of all the following features.

Features of TradeKhata:

Managing Customers: The user can easily add, edit or delete the information of his or her customers and maintain the database for as long as the user wants to.

Generate Invoices: The users can now anytime add the logo of their company on the invoice they generate. These invoices can also be easily downloaded, printed and shared to others via email, SMS or Whatsapp.

Cover Note Embedded With Invoice: If you want to send a thank-you email to your customers, then it can be instantly done using this application. The users can also insert a cover note with invoice.

Single ledger for many payment collections: The users do not have to maintain several books, they can now maintain a single digital khata book for their kinds of payment collections.

Free Reminders: Gone is the time of informing customers physically for their payments. All the users can now set timely payment reminders and send them to their customers via SMS.

Payment collection via different mediums: The users can send the payment collection link via email, WhatsApp or SMS.

Flexible Payment Modes: Businesses can now receive their payments via different modes like Wallet, Net Banking, Credit Card, UPI, Debit Card, etc.

Easy Payment Links: All the users can now easily generate payment links along with the amount that is to be paid by the customers. This link will allow the customers to make payments rapidly without any hassle.

Data Protection: Each and every data uploaded in the database is secured with encrypted format at different levels which is hard to decipher. Thus, ensuring data protection at higher level.

Suitable for all businesses: Despite of the business type, this application is an ideal choice for every business kind and size that wishes to achieve good business growth.

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