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Why Direct Mail is a Better Option than Email for B2B Marketers?

By on August 14, 2019 in Business Tips with 0 Comments

We live in a digital world where people are well connected via social media and prefer email or text for exchanging words. This does not indicate that direct mail marketing is no less important in the digital age. Many reasons are there to support that direct mail is better than email marketing.

Direct mail marketing is a form of direct marketing that helps you to communicate with a target audience for a direct response. Brochures, postcards, catalogs, sales letters, and newsletters are some of the marketing materials widely used to communicate an offer. Here, are some of the reasons that are enough to support the fact that direct mail is still important for B2B marketers.

  • Direct Mail can’t be DELETED- In email marketing, there are few chances that your message will reach your target audience. You are lucky enough if you are able to avoid the spam filter and reach in their inbox. Luckier if they don’t hit the Delete button as soon as they see it. Direct mail is the best way to get the direct response from the prospects as there is no fear of being caught in the spam filter or being hit by the delete button. As per DMA’s Response Rate Report 2015, the average response rates across digital channels are 0.62%. On the other hand, direct mail response rates are 3.7% which is six times the digital channels response rates.
  • Ensured Delivery and Easily Trackable- There are many factors including spam filters, returned emails, and ad blockers that make it difficult to track the results. It is easy to track the conversions in direct mail as you can do this by just giving a dedicated phone line and/or URL.
  • Reaches Directly to Prospects- It is vital to know about your target audience well before starting any marketing campaign. The sad part is that not everyone is available on email. There is a possibility that your mail is reaching the inbox of a person who has already left the company. This makes direct mail a better option as it reaches directly to the prospects. Even if the person has left the company, the other person will receive it and consider it as an important mail.
  • Direct Mail Does Stand Out- An email can’t impress the recipient in a way a personalised direct mail can. Direct mail is a unique way of attracting your prospects. Never forget, a well-designed mail stands out and increases the chances of getting a conversion.

That is why direct mail is an important tool for B2B marketers. Direct mail marketing is never going to fade in the years to come. It has only advanced and become more creative with time. The key is to come up with a creative direct mail idea so that it can grab the eyeballs of your prospects. Direct mail marketing helps your idea to reach directly at the receiver’s desk. Believe us, there is no one in the world who does not like to receive cool packages at work.


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