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Why India Is still a developing Country?

By on January 15, 2016 in Editor's Desk with 0 Comments

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It has been almost 68 years since we got independence and since then, we have been struggling to achieve pace on the path of development. Even after so many years, we have not been able to get listed in the group of developed nations. So, what is stopping us? Why our efforts have shown limited results? Why we couldn’t make India a developed country in all these years.


There are various parameters which collectively determine the development of a nation. These parameters include per-capita income, HDI, GDP, availability of natural resources, qualified work force, infrastructure, affordable health care etc. On the basis of the same, India is still considered as a developing nation. There are many major factors that are acting as stumbling blocks in the path of development for our country.



Almost everyone of us have witnessed an act of corruption in India. Corruption leads to increase in transaction cost. It creates a disinterest for the foreign investors to invest in India. Scams are really common in our country and these scams widely affect the FDI. It is high time that we show zero tolerance towards corruption, then only our country could effectively move on the path of development. 


High income inequality:

One of the greatest problems faced by India is uneven economy distribution, for instance almost 90% of the Indian economy is shared between less than 10% of the total population. Where as more than 60% of the total population is struck with poverty and have an income less than Rs 100 a day. This creates a big drift between the poor and the rich in our country. If we wish to make our country successful, we have to work hard to reduce this gap.


Internal Commotion:

India is renowned for its cultural vividness and this makes it a popular tourist spot. But, the internal commotion is a great problem faced by India today. The linguistic differences often makes a person migrating from other state feel like a foreigner in his own country. There has to be a common language followed throughout the country to up-bring a sense of oneness among the population.


Lack Of Population Control:

India is the second most populated country in Asia after China. Though we have just one-third land in comparison to China but, our population is more than 90% of the Chinese population. India needs strict policies to control population as this gives birth to poverty, low standard of living and many more social and economical problems.


Poor Literacy Rate:

For the last few decades, the Govt. has taken many initiatives to increase literacy rate but, we still have a long way to go. Illiteracy is a major problem faced by India, it leads to poverty, low standard of living, corruption and exploitation of common mass. Development is only possible if the population of the country is properly educated and makes countable contributions in the development of self and society.


Poor Hygiene & Sanitation:

Proper sanitation & hygiene in India is a great concern, in villages people still go in the open fields for defecation. Also, here, people are fond of tobacco and pan masala and more fond of spitting here and there. Proper garbage processing is also required, as huge dumps of garbage get piled on the street corners and public places. Cleanliness is a major issue in India and we have to take initiatives in this direction. Public toilets, dustbins at public places, proper garbage disposal and many such initiatives are needed today. Programs like “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” should be widely promoted and performed.


Poor Law And Order:

We might be a democratic country with a well formulated constitution but, still people easily break rules and skip punishment as well. India is in urgent need of fast track judiciary system as there are bulk of pending cases of people seeking for justice. Also, it is often observed that the law is broken by the keepers of law. There is a great need of strict policies to keep a check on it. Apart from Govt., individual involvement of people is also important.


India has a great potential in terms of natural resources and human resource, it is just matter of productive and collective steps. It is high time that each one of us perform our individual roles effectively with dedication then only our nation will become a developed nation. We have covered some distance and have miles to go, to become a developed country.


What is your way of making India a developed country? Share your valuable views in the comments below.



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