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Year in Review 2021 – Top Trends and Digital Adaptability by SMEs in India

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Trends help us rethink how we can make a shift to make a real difference in our business. There has been a complete reshuffling of various business trends after the Covid-19 pandemic, with the rapid digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises. We all have learned and adapted at an unprecedented pace this year. These trends that raced to the top this year give a glimpse of the way things are continuously changing and evolving in business. Here we unlock the biggest trends influencing the SME sector in 2021 to show how we all can stay relevant during challenging and changing times.

Here are the top product categories that saw maximum growth in traffic in the year 2021. Hospital And Medical Supplies lead the way followed by Minerals And Metals, Environment And Pollution, Plastic Products and Home Supplies.

Let’s see who is the clear winner after causing such a stir– presenting the most loved device for traffic generation. Mobiles and desktops both fetch visitors to sites. However, as expected, mobile devices seem to drive just in the right direction this year!

Expectations from the big cities or aspirations from the smaller ones? Who wins this time?  Let’s find out which city squeezed its way to the top to win the race of Traffic!

Curious to know what people searched for the most and which keywords clicked this year? There are endless top-trending searches with round-the-clock browsing. However, saying goodbye with cheer and ranking high on our list are these top 10 keywords of this year.

Discover the top 10 cities with maximum registered users that are just in the right place this year. These cities have kept up with powerful trends this year and we believe are on their way to real digital transformation.

Trends come and go but not for these product categories! Spilling with maximum registrations are these top 10 categories that attracted the maximum registrations this year. We believe it is time to take cues from customers, stock on the relevant products as we know where the future is!

With over 45,000 SMEs generating invoices worth Rs. 96 crore using TradeKhata is evidence enough that small businesses are now actively engaging themselves with the robust digital payment ecosystem. Additionally, the pandemic further fueled the growth of digital invoice and payment collections.

TradeIndia helped over 20,000 small businesses enhance their online presence and increased their business visibility locally using Google My Business.

Over 100,000 products of merchants listed across different industry verticals on TradeIndia are appearing in Google Shopping. TradeIndia Shopping + Google Shopping provides the dual benefit to small businesses in getting more visibility and sales.

SMEs shared quotations of more than 1000 crore to Buyers using the TradeIndia platform.

Several products/categories saw a huge jump in the number of inquiries generated on the TradeIndia platform this year.  Plywood, plastic raw material, medical equipment, packaging boxes et al are some products that witnessed a surge in demand in 2021.

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